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Do Now

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  1. Do Now • Please come in quietly, and study your notes on semicolons. • You have 10 minutes before we start the quiz!!

  2. Do Now • Take out a half sheet of paper • Write your homework in your agenda • Outlines and notebooks are due this Wednesday February 15. Late notebooks and outlines will lose 1 point for every day late! • Bring ALL materials to class. Pens, pencils, paper, agenda, notebook, reading book of your choice, any work due

  3. Name: Date: English Period: Quiz W1.3 Semicolons 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Quiz Please get out a sheet of paper, and label it as the following:

  4. #1 • Which of the following is the best way to punctuate a business letter? • A.) To Whom It May Concern; • B.) To Whom It May Concern. • C.) To Whom It May Concern: • D.) To Whom It May Concern,

  5. #2 • Which is the best way to join these two clauses? • A.) You should not eat peanut butter with chicken; you should eat peanut butter with jelly. • B.) You should not eat peanut butter with chicken, you should eat peanut butter with jelly. • C.) You should not eat peanut butter with chicken and you should eat peanut butter with jelly. • D.) You should not eat peanut butter with chicken: you should eat peanut butter with jelly.

  6. #3 • Which is the best way to join these two ideas? • A.) There was a thunderstorm yesterday, but we managed to have our picnic anyway. • B.) There was a thunderstorm yesterday, so we managed to have our picnic anyway. • C.) There was a thunderstorm yesterday, we managed to have our picnic anyway. • D.) There was a thunderstorm yesterday, while we managed to have our picnic anyway.

  7. #4 • Which is the correct way to use a semicolon?? • A.) While we were at the park; we saw some famous people. • B.) I took many notes for the test, however; I lost them before I could study. • C.) He read every night for one hour; as a result, his English scores improved significantly. • D.) Dear John; I thought your movie was great.

  8. #5 • Which of the following is NOT a correct way to use a semicolon? • A.) I cannot wait to go to the mall; I have saved my money for three weeks. • B.) He should not have bought that movie; however, he did save ten dollars on it. • C.) Paula discovered that she had many talents; she could dance on the balance beam for hours. • D.) Although I read the book; I forgot what happened in the end.

  9. Today’s Agenda!! • Follow multiple-step instructions for preparing applications • Partner activity • Independent Practice: A competition!!

  10. Filling out Applications?? • You may be thinking that you don’t need to fill out work applications now…you are only about 12 after all!! • Filling out applications is a skill that all people need, regardless of age. • But wait…what are applications?? • Right!! Applications are written or spoken requests for employment, admission, help, funds, etc.

  11. What would you need to apply for?? • Before we even get started, what type of applications do you think you would need to fill out?? • Some examples: Library card, sports club, club membership, bank savings account, jobs, and colleges

  12. Why is it important to follow instructions so carefully?? • Instructions are often overlooked and not taken as seriously as they should be; however, it is important to know how to follow multiple step instructions. • Let’s see how good you are at giving instructions. • Who knows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?? • Can I have a volunteer give me instructions on how to make one?? • Super important…only this volunteer can help me now, no one else!!

  13. How do we fill out applications?? • Let’s take a look at the important steps to filling out an application. • 1.) Read all the requirements and instructions completely before starting to follow them. • 2.) Look for clues such as bold type or capital letters that point out specific sections or important information. • 3.) Follow each step in the exact order given. • 4.) Do not skip any steps. • ***Although during a test, you most likely will not have to fill anything out, it is important to know the steps, so when you are asked comprehension questions about the application, you will be ready!!

  14. Let’s look at some examples of different types of applications!! • We are going to go through one application together. I will hand out the application, along with the questions. Can you help me out??

  15. Partner Work!! • With your partner, turn to page 684 in your English textbook. • You both will read the “Application for Adventure Summer Camp,” and then answer questions #1-5. • When you are finished with that, I will pass out another application. The questions for this one are on the back of the other set of questions.

  16. Can you fill out the best application?? • Let’s see how well you have been paying attention!! • We will have a little competition to see who can fill out the best application in the fastest time. • Most important part is that you do it correctly. If you come to me with mistakes, you will have to start all over!! • Before we start, let’s go over some vocabulary you may need to complete the application…

  17. Independent Competition!! • On the application, you are asked to fill out certain parts. • Mailing Address: this just means your address to where you live. You must include the address, city, state, and zip code • Apt. No.: Apartment Number, if you live in an apartment • Residence Address: skip this part!! • Driver’s License: you would only fill this out if you had a license • Social Security Number: it is likely that you do not know this number; therefore, you can leave it blank • Parent/Guardian information: you would not fill this out, since you are not your own parent!! • For everything else, you must read carefully and make sure you complete every necessary section.

  18. Homework!! • Study for a quiz on multiple step instructions!!