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  1. Do Now Equality. Does your place of origin (the US or China) have equality meaning everyone is treated the same and have the same stuff? Explain and be ready to share. For example France:

  2. Homework due Thursday • Read pages 603-605 (Central European Monarchs Clash) • Define the following Terms: • Catholic League • Thirty Years War • Peace of Westphalia • Maria Theresa

  3. Quick Review • Louis XIV appointed Jean Baptiste Colbert as Finance Minister. • Colbert focused on Mercantilism: an economic system to unify and increase the power and especially the monetary wealth of a nation by a strict governmental regulation of the entire national economy. • Why? • He wanted France to be self-sufficient so that more wealth stayed in the country. • He gave funding and tax benefits to French companies and place high tariffs (taxes to import items) to protect French industry.

  4. Review • Louis XIV ended the Edit of Nantes. • What was the impact on France? • The French Protestants decided to leave France rather than face an uncertain future. This meant that businessmen, tradesman and artists left causing further economic hardship on the fragile economy.

  5. Review – Louis XIV • Louis made the nobles come to him more frequently, why? • Two reasons: 1. It made the nobles dependent on Louis (not the other way around). • 2. It made the nobles leave their homes & often villages which meant that the nobles would have to rely on the “intendants” to run day to day operations which stripped the nobles of their power & influence. • Louis had the nobles move into Versailles with him. Versailles was the wealth of the French Empire.

  6. Review – Louis’s Rule • Louis XIV built his army to be one of the largest in Europe. • First off, Louis invaded Spanish Netherlands, but France did not get much from the war. • Louis engaged in more wars causing more countries to band together to fight against the French such as the League of Augsburg (England, Spain, Austria, Sweden).

  7. War of Spanish Succession • The French people soon grew tired of war due to the continued loss of their men, the actual cost of the war and the food shortages created by the war. • The country was struggling from a series of poor harvests and people had to pay high taxes to support the various conflicts. • In 1700 Louis arranged that following the death of the King of Spain that his grandson would claim the throne of Spain. • 1701, England organized an alliance to prevent the union of France and Spain under one family. The war was known as the War of Spanish Succession. • It lasted until 1714 after the Treaty of Utrecht.

  8. Treaty of Utrecht • The Treaty of Utrecht: under the terms of it • 1. Louis’s grandson was allowed to gain the throne of Spain so long as the thrones of France & Spain were not united. • 2. England gained the valuable site of Gibraltar which controlled the entrance of the Mediterranean. • 3. England also got more involved in the money making slave trade. • 4. England gained territories in North America such as Nova Scotia & Newfoundland • 5. The Hapsburgs took territories in Italy and the Netherlands

  9. Louis’s death & legacy • The wars left France economically and militarily weak. • He died in 1715 and people excited that his rule was over. • His legacy: • 1. France was a much stronger military force during Louis’s rule. • 2. France advanced in art and literature • 3. Added colonies to the empire • 4. The building of Versailles and the series of wars left the economy in ruins. • 5. The people resented the high taxes and hated Louis.