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crossing the information superhighway look both ways n.
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Crossing the Information Superhighway: Look Both Ways! PowerPoint Presentation
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Crossing the Information Superhighway: Look Both Ways!

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Crossing the Information Superhighway: Look Both Ways!
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Crossing the Information Superhighway: Look Both Ways!

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  1. Crossing the Information Superhighway:Look Both Ways!

  2. Overview • What is the information superhighway • Email practices and security • Do you care about your looks? • Is your privacy important? • Is your computer the next to die? • Are you safe in your own world? • Social Networking • Internet Usage • Private and Personal Information • Personal and Social Web Pages • Group Activity

  3. The Information Highway • What is the internet? • How does information travel on the Internet? • What happens when there is a traffic jam? • How does the Internet grow? Source:

  4. Do you care about your looks? • Would you want to be called your email address? • Hey “BellyFlopper995”, would you like to dance? • So “CrackHead666”, why do you want this job? • Choosing your email “handle” is a representation of your own self image. • When choosing, think about whether you want that tag following you for the foreseeable future. • There are people in this world that still call me “Lui Jay” and I am 48 years old!

  5. Is Your Privacy Important? • How easy is your password to crack? • Is it your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s name? • Is it a word in the dictionary? • Do you protect it like your life depends on it? • Do you believe that email is confidential? • In a word, these things are illusions • Email is stored and is usually retrievable later • Don’t write in email that which you don’t want public • Choose passwords with upper/lower case letters, numbers and punctuation if possible

  6. Privacy Made Public • Remember Sarah Palin? • Her email account was hacked by an adolescent – are you safe from your friends or enemies? • Did Miley Cyrus like having private shower pictures posted on the web? • Email can be subpoenaed as evidence in court cases • There should be no assumption of privacy

  7. Is Your Computer the Next to Die? • Do you look at sender/subject information before opening and email? • If not, then you are a target! • Will you allow a program from an unknown source to install on your computer? • If so, then you are a target! • Social Engineering is the most prevalent way for viruses to be distributed • Pictures of Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Lautner anyone?

  8. Are You Safe in Your Own World? • Have you ever received an email from a bank? • What did it say? • Did you follow the links? • Did they ask for personal information? • Could you be the next victim? • Safeguard your personal data! • Don’t give your SSN, DOB and other important information to others without a reason • Be wary of any emails or websites asking for this • Banks Do Not “verify” your personal data over the internet

  9. Internet Usage • Internet access • What do you use the internet for? • What social networking sites are out there (ex. Facebook)? • How many of you have your own web page or a page hosted by a social networking service? • What information do you provide on your page?

  10. Private and Personal Information • What's Private Identity Information? • Information that reveals who you are or where you can be found • What's Personal Information? • Information about yourself, your family, and friends that cannot be used to identify you or them

  11. Know the Risks • Revealing Private or Personal Information • Social networking  ID theft • Social Networking Stalkers • Employers • Criminal

  12. Friends are Risky Too • Are you better off if you have more friends • What privileges do they have for being your friend • Risks of befriending people you don’t know • N.C. man arrested in Virginia Beach in connection with kidnap of S.C. girl • Cyberbully stunt that led to the suicide of Megan Meier • Man Convicted Of Luring Minors On Internet

  13. Web Site Evaluation Activity • Break into groups of 4-5 • Use the list of private and personal information we identified on the board • Evaluate the personal Web page given to you and the selection of photos • How can you modify the page and the photos?

  14. Jessica’s Web Site The Jessica S. Web Profile Page Basic Facts Hair: brown eyes: brown Height: 5' 1" Where I live: Georgia School: John F. Kenedy Jr. High, 7th Grade My Hobbies & Interests Mom and dad and my brother Joshua and sister Kate went on a awesom vacation to St. Simons Island. Driving thru Georgia was really boring but once we were there we pigged out on pizza about 10 times. We hardly never eat good food, unless were goin to a Braves or Georgia Tech game. My favorite stuff at school I like Mrs. Anderson's english class cause shes so cool. and Mr. Hall's biology class cause Jill Prescott is there and we are buds. Plus I wana be a scientist one day. Send me mail

  15. Adam’s Web Page Heyyy--welcome to MY, Adam G.'s, site If you're reading this, youre probably one of my friends--Steph, Jack, Pete, or hopefuly Dana Smith About me (in case any of you...forgot): I live in Tuscon, Arizona, and go to middle school right in the city. Just turned 13, actually--wish me happy b-day at!! Here's a pic of me and my friends when we went skiing in Oregon--wake up, steph!! :) so in case y'all havent heard, yes, i do like (duh duh duhhh) dana smith. that's right... i'll keep everyone updated, except Pete. (naw u know im just messin with you, P) Alright guys, i dont really feel like putting anything else up on here, but i guess if you got questions, just email me (, i'll get back to you...maybe. Or just talk to me in school. LATER!

  16. Wendy’s Social Web Page Wendy’s Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this blog] My latest Hack Attack (View more) Snagged those answers to Friday’s Quiz (View more) Party at the stumps this Friday (View More) You’ll just have to read this one (View more) What’s up with that $^&*# Sophie Doe (View More) Scarborough High is just the lamest (View More) [View All Blog Entries] Mail Forward Friend Favorite IM Block Group Rate Wendy’s Blurbs About me: I have brown hair and green eyes.I am athletic. I love to watch sports, specifically baseball and basketball. My best friend is Jamie Duncan (The dunkster). Who I’d like to meet: It don’t matter, anyone who can like you for who you are and not what you have. MySpace URL:

  17. Wendy’s Social Web Page Wendy's Interests General: I love the outdoors, dancing, traveling out of this boring town, hanging out partying with my friends and meeting new people online. Music: I love all the music. Tell me where I can download it and I’m there! Movies: I catch a flick now and again with my peeps. Television: All the time!!! Books: Oh man…I look at the pictures. Does that count? Activities: I play on the squash team down at the recreation center on Saturdays afternoons. Don’t joke till you’ve tried it foo! Wendy’s Friends Comments Oct 31 2008 12:29pm Comment Back-Send Message-Block User Hey there Ms. Jones r u gonna meet at the school tonight? Oct 29 2008 1:13pm Comment Back-Send Message-Block User Thx for the answers. u know which ones. Check u later. Oct 27 2008 9:12pm Comment Back-Send Message-Block User Is your house the red brick or the tan stucco on Elm street? Wendy’s Details Status Single Here for Friends Orientation Straight Body Type 5’6”/Slim Zodiac Sign Scorpio Education High School Wendy’s Friends

  18. Wendy’s Social Web Page My twin brothers Bill and Bob late to class…again! Jesse and Lynn waiting at our bus stop…I should be a photographer! My Sweet Ride…Get your own! Terry Weem, Clara Soy, and Donna Parker from my old school…rockin’ the school gear!

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