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My Short Film Proposal

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My Short Film Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Short Film Proposal. Plot Description.

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Plot Description

My film will be about two modern day assassins. The main character will be a girl of around 18 who is employed by an older man. The relationship between them is obviously strained, as the girl is forced to complete his tasks. The film begins with the girl failing a mission set by her master (we can tell because of the fast pace and police sirens). He is clearly angry and sets her another set of people he needs to get rid of. She does this expertly, killing people in cold blood. Every time she kills she rips up their details. However when she gets to the last person, it’s herself she must kill...

Location Preferences

I will need a dark and dingy building for the hideout of the master, somewhere where I can decorate with maps, photographs, candles/lights and furniture.

For the outside scenes I will use the town centre, the motorway bridge and field outside my house, and Cannock chase.

Cost Details

This film will not need a big budget as I will do my best to borrow costumes off people, and use locations I wont need to pay for. There will be minimal amount of props although I will need to pay to get photographs of victims printed off. Everything else I am able to borrow off friends and family, or already own. I will use some money to pay my actors and say thanks by buying them lunch.

Casting Preferences

I will need a main female character. Options for this person are Abbie Venables or Laura Clark. This person will have little dialogue but lots of action.I will need a male character to play the antagonist. The only option for this at the moment is Joe Eccleshall. This person will have more dialogue.I will also need another two male characters, one to be a servant to the antagonist and another to be a messenger and deliver the victims to the girl. These parts are very small and will have little to no dialogue and little action.

Target Audience Description

My target audience will be mainstreamers in the social class D and E.They will be fans of thriller and action films, and be familiar with social networking and the internet, where my film will be found.The age rating for this may be a 15, due to the mature themes of the story. This will depend on how much visual detail I go into.

They will be both male and female, as the characters in this film appeal to both genders.