the main characters for my short film yesterday n.
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The main characters for my short film, Yesterday. PowerPoint Presentation
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The main characters for my short film, Yesterday.

The main characters for my short film, Yesterday.

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The main characters for my short film, Yesterday.

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  1. The main charactersfor my short film, Yesterday.

  2. ABOUT.... In my short film I want to make sure to get each character right for each role in the film. So I have produced a short presentation of the main characters in my film, why I have chosen certain people/objects to play them and how they will be “made” to suit the role.

  3. Role of the person At the beginning of my film and end there will be a person who goes to bed (beginning) and at the end eats the carrot. So I need a person that is.. • Either male or female- it does not matter which sex the person is as this does not play a part in the film. • They must have some acting skills, so that my film looks professional. • Be patient, as I will have to take pictures of every tiny movement.

  4. Chosen person: DEANNA • For the role of the person who is at the beginning and end of my film, will be my sister Deanna. • I have chosen her to play the part as... • she has some acting skills from her drama course. • And.. • It will be easy to arrange filming as she lives where it takes place! • However before I film the first scene in which she acts in. I will need to sort out the costume and the look she will need for the role.

  5. Costume/look In the first scene the person watches TV before heading up to bed. For this scene I think my character should were PJs to tell the audience that she's going to bed. She should look normal, by this I mean brushed hair and slight make-up so that she looks casual. At the end she reawakens and walks into the kitchen. As she has just woken up she will need slightly messy hair and a fresh face to indicate she has just gotten out of bed. She will were the same PJs as she went to bed in, otherwise it would look strange if she went to bed in one outfit and came down in another. She will however be wearing slippers to show she's has gotten out of bed.

  6. The apple • In my film the apple is the male character that I want the audience to feel sorry for, as his date is stolen. Practically I need to pick a type of apple that I can buy over and over again that looks similar. So I may go for a green apple, as this would look the same each time and it stands out from the other main characters colours (pepper- red and carrot orange) The apples facial expressions will be simple and sweet, so even when he's got an angry face the audience will feel sorry for him still, and when he's happy their happy too.

  7. Apples appearance All the fruit/vegs facial expressions will be done in modelling clay so that they can easily be changed. Eye brows are black lines, that are slightly raised to show he's happy The eyes are big and cute, with the black pupils in the middle. The mouth forms a slightly lopsided smile which looks cute. Its done in black clay, not red as black stands out more and makes the facial features more defined The colour of the apple is completely green which makes it easy to get apples that look the same when one goes off.

  8. The apples different expressions through out the film

  9. The pepper • The pepper is female, and is the apples date in the film until she goes off with the carrot. I want her to look typically how the audience would expect a female to look like, which is pretty and attractive. To make the pepper look feminine from the other male characters, I will give her fake eye lashes, heart shaped lips and red cheeks.

  10. Peppers appearance The type of pepper I chose to use is red. This feels more like a feminine colour. And can represent love/lust as well as anger. Black pupils are big, making her look wide eyed. Eye lashes are, flirty and a key part in defining her as female. Red cheeks show when she blushes. Lips are a typical feminine shape.

  11. Peppers different facial expressions As the pepper does not appear as much in the film as the carrot and apple does, she has less facial expressions throughout the film. The main two she either has, is happy, shocked or angery.

  12. The carrot • In the film the carrot is the cool, laid back male that only has to wink, to win the heart of the apples date; the pepper. Some how I have to make the carrot look charming and “cool”. The only way I thought to do this was to raise the eyebrows slightly and make him almost smirk.

  13. Carrots appearance The eye brows are slightly raised, both at different levels. The eyes are look normal size. The mouth is often curved up so he appears to be smiling, but not super happy like the apple. I chose to use bushy carrots, so it looks like the carrot has hair, which makes it seem more life like.

  14. Carrots different expressions The carrot has many different expressions, like angry, shocked, happy, unimpressed, surprised and a charming winking face. My favourite one in particular is when he winks as it looks funny on a carrot.

  15. OVERALL.. • There is a lot of facial expressions to make for the fruit and vegetables and making sure that i get the costume right for the person and the right faces for each character. • Each aspect is important as it makes the character who they are. If something is out of context or missing it will not make sense to the audience. For example the person comes down in the morning all glamorous and dressed up, yet carries on as normal. This wont make sense to the audience who see it as unusual out of the norm. This links in with Roland Barthes theory on negotiate meanings, as the audience will use what they have seen in life and previous films to make sense of what they see. They could negotiate it as normal, however its most likely they will negotiate it as strange as in most films you see people often wake up in pjsas well as in reality.