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A Short Film . Alice L loyd. Main product and ancillary products. So, for my main project I am going to be producing a live action short film , lasting approx. five minutes and the ancillary products are going to be A Poster and A Film Magazine Review Page. Existing products .

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A short film

A Short Film

Alice Lloyd

Main product and ancillary products
Main product and ancillary products

So, for my main project I am going to be producing a live action short film, lasting approx. five minutes and the ancillary products are going to be A Poster and A Film Magazine Review Page

Existing products
Existing products

I have chosen two short films from YouTube which I found really interesting and kind of inspiring to watch because I thought they were really well executed.. By which I mean they both left me eager to produce my short film. Although they don’t necessarily fit the genre I intend on producing but they both have elements of tension and a sort of complex story through the way they are edited.






  • I am basing my short five minute film on a drama/thriller. The central idea is focussed around a family and specifically a central character who is the eldest daughter amongst the family called Sameira, who in the film proceeds to be quite a quiet and solemn character . The ’Johnson’ family itself are a very contemporary family as they have the qualities of just a normal and standard ‘2013’ family. In the family we have a mum; a dad; a sister called Sarah; a and a dog. For background information on the family, the father and the eldest daughter do not get along and everyone in the house is aware of this, which causes arguments within the household. Each of the characters wont be specifically displayed or identified, as they are not significant; however, they will be seen, but the focus will always remain on the eldest daughter. Voices from each character is significant though, as we learn which voices in the are dominant in the argument/s. It is set in modern time, 2013 therefore we have the typical antics of a family, in particular family arguments. Family arguments in this household are a frequent occurrence and can often turn violent and we will see previous events of this possibly through flashbacks. The arguments are usually fuelled by the eldest sister and so she becomes the stimulus of the arguments. However, having a baby in the house the eldest sister twitches at the thought of raised voices. The sister will lock herself in their bedroom when things turn violent and there is nothing seen but the sounds of the arguments. As there have been many arguments before this point, the audience is introduced to an argument which is a huge turning point for the eldest daughter. (Sound is key in this short film as the audience will be taken through the story mainly through the non diagetic and diagetic sounds) The eldest daughter has built up so much anger, fight and hatred for what has been going on she turns psychotic. By the end of the film it is learnt that each family member has been brutally killed by the eldest daughter, Sameira .



Quick paced montage of blood shots in various locations of the house. This will be accompanied by a layer of sound which will be the arguing


The family is at the dinner table and there is a brief ‘introduction’ of each character, so we have a mid-shot of the character and a flash forward of sinister event.


Fade to black

Faded in sounds of the arguments grow

Then we have shot facing the door of which room the argument is commencing. The camera follows the woman upstairs and into the bathroom and is put to the floor, where we discover it is the eldest daughter has taken herself to the bathroom then she screams for everything to stop. Adding in shots to show the passing of time this is where she changes to her ‘psychotic’ state.


Time has passed (night time) and the eldest daughter emerges from the bathroom making her way to the sisters bedroom.


This is going to be the morning after which is the first scene. (Dead bodies)


AGE 17-20 POSSIBLY -30

GENDER males and females.. Equal ratio

CLASS working class and the characters are working class

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND of some sort as the film may be hard to follow depending on your knowledge of genres

Sound sample
Sound sample

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGhej6TRg6Q – insidious

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C06LgQrKM0E- sinister

Target date
Target Date

Rough copy by.. 17/18 December


Summery of main product
Summery of main product

So, the summery of my product is to produce a five minute drama/ thriller short film.

(see synopsis)

C c c
C, C, C



The aim is to create suspense, scare and excite the audience

The story is around a investigation or and enigma


Rational over supernatural

Typical props

Focus on one character

Typical setting (house/flats)

Symbolic costume

The audience should be able to relate in some ways







Technical challenges
Technical challenges

Being able to edited so that it reflects the genre

Filming everything well so that I don’t have to go back and film

Weather, the change in weather will determine what days to shoot

Filming alone will limit second opinions

I would be satisfied if i
I would be satisfied if I…

Got everything right the first time

My audience likes my short film and they get the story.. Genre etc.

My characters are convincing and create real drama

I edit with precision an take me time

Direct well