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Film Proposal

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Film Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Film Proposal
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  1. Film Proposal For Amina

  2. Genre: Adventure, Drama, Teen film • Target Audience: Mainly older teenagers and young adults 15-25. Mainly British, western countries. • Setting: London • Rating: 15+

  3. Summary/Plot:- It's the start of the last year of secondary school. A is a character who can't seem to find herself, she gets bullied at school and hates school. She meets B. The new girl to the school. A becomes friends with B. B shows a new world to A. B shows a world of drugs and partying. The whole movie will show their experiences of being rebellious, their experiences with drugs, getting into places they shouldn't and A changing dramatically. The movie will involve dream sequences of the trips/drugs they take. The end of the film will conclude with A ending up in a bad state somehow for following B.

  4. Research:- My idea has been inspired by the films- Superbad, Fear Loathing in Las Vegas, Project X, Beavis and Butt-head. • Marketing: Poster will be displayed on buses, trains, billboards, phone-boxes. Trailers will be shown on television, youtube, cinemas.

  5. Equipment Hire -I found a deal at at £200 per day. The deal includes: • Base Package • Red One Body (Camera body, body cap, mini-BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 cable, mini-XLR to mini-XLR cable, mini-XLRto XLR adaptor, and BOLT SET)Compact Flash moduleUniversal MountRed Handle – RightBottom PlateShoulder DovetailTop MountTop HandleRed Cradle18-Inch Steel RodsRED LCD screen2 x RED drive 320gb3 x RED VOLT batteries • Accessories • Decimator SD downconverter for realtime monitoringRonford TripodFollow focus • Lenses • Zeiss ZF primes, with focus gears18mm T3.528mm T235mm T250mm T1.485mm T1.4100mm T2 • PL Mount LensesRed 18-50mm Zoom T3Red 300mm Prime T3 •