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marie curie. Science by Maronia Micallef Form 1 sapphires.

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marie curie

marie curie

Science by Maronia Micallef

Form 1 sapphires


Marie Curie had her birth in France,she was one of the youngest from her five sisters,in two years she lost her sister with the flu Tifu.After some years she lost her mother Bonislawa with a flu called Tuberkolozi on the 9 th may.

Her father was a teacher in a school of maths and phisics.After the dead of her sister and mother she studied maths,phisics and chemistery.She completed all of the studies and succeded in all subjects.

this video is going to give you some information about her life
This video is going to give you some information about her life.

In 1897 she had her first daughter called Eleincurie,she had her second child in 1904.Her husband was killed by a carriage.
Marie curie was a very intelligent women.She completed her science and inventing expiriments with her husband and her daughter.
She visited Poland for the last time in the early 1934.Then a few months later she died by an explosion of radiation.