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Final Project. IPhone Cases and Water Bottles. Define the Problem. Your task is to create a design for an Iphone Case or a water bottle, using Photoshop. You must have at least five images that overlap one another creating an interesting composition .

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Final project

Final Project

IPhone Cases and Water Bottles

Define the problem
Define the Problem

  • Your task is to create a design for an Iphone Case or a water bottle, using Photoshop. You must have at least five images that overlap one another creating an interesting composition.

  • You design must have at least three different layers: a background, a middle ground, and a foreground.

  • Bonus marks will be given to any student that uses a tutorial in their design


  • In your Powerpoint you need to create a slide dedicated to your brainstorming.

  • Choose a style

  • Choose a theme


  • I want the style of my IPhone case to be geometric

  • I want my theme to be buildings.


  • In your Powerpoint you need to have three slides dedicated for your research

    • One slide will be for your research on your style

    • One slide will be for your backgrounds – your backgrounds cannot be images of something, they need to be backgrounds. (5 in total

    • One slide will be for your images (10 in total)

  • You can copy and paste your pictures into you PP, but you must also SAVE them to your name drive.

Style research
Style Research

  • rich colors, bold geometricshapes.

  • Crisp Lines

Design Brief Information

  • A short statement explaining what you want to create.

  • Lists what should and shouldn’t be in your design

  • Written by the designer

  • Always start the design brief with “I am going to design a “Iphone case” using the theme....and style…...”. This is followed by a general description of the design process and where your inspiration came from.

  • Mention points such as: general size, images used, why you chose that theme, information about the arrangement and other points you feel are important.

Design brief
Design Brief

I am going to design and make a collage using the theme of figure skating. This design is going to be creative by tracing the letters of a specific font then adding a figure skate off of the “J” and 2 snowflakes on both side for the image . This will be the main image and will take up most of the design. The background is going to be a close-up shot of ice. I am also going to add in two small silhouettes of a figure skater on either side of the design. I was inspired to create a collage based on figure skating because I love to figure skate, and am very passionate about the sport.


Elena: I like the variety of pictures faded into the background photo. I also like that the levels of opacity used makes the photo look like just one photo.

Joe: Wicked

Jill: I don’t think this will look good

Mackenzie: I love it!! The Hogwarts background looks fantastic and the quidditch rings are a nice touch. The train bridge is a subtle yet excellent stroke of genius. I think it is perfect.

Lexi: I like how you added so many effect such as the glowing and fading. I think it was a creative theme and that you did a great job!

Ricci: I really like the different pictures in the back. And I like how you turned down the opacity to have different layers.

Final write up
Final Write Up

I continued with the theme of Harry Potter in my collage. Although I still have the high opacity image from 19 years later and blurred sides I added other higher opacity images. I have the 6 years of schooling with Harry, Ron and Hermione with a little less opacity also blurred on the edges. I really like all the different opacities and the pictures I have inserted. I think The All Was Well really adds to the finishing touches of the collage and the Harry Potter series itself.