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Final Project

Final Project

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Final Project

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  1. Final Project

  2. Select one quotation that you feel conveys the main idea of the chapter from each chapter. Remember, a quote is not just something a character says; it can be any sentence (or group of sentences) in the chapter.

  3. Be able to explain how the quote reflects the bigger picture of the chapter (that is, it could reflect a theme, support characterization, etc.) Your explanations should be thorough explanations that refer accurately to events and ideas. Oh no…I gotta finish this book…

  4. Moreover, you must proofread for spelling, grammar, and usage; this will be a significant component of your grade. Grammar? I ROCK that!

  5. Here is an example: ?????? How did I get here? This is my FAVORITE book!

  6. “It was not really true that Okonkwo’s palm-kernels had been cracked by a benevolent spirit. He had cracked them himself” (27). Chapter four continues the explanation that Okonkwo is responsible for his own fate, even if it means defying clan traditions. For example, he beats his wife during the “Week of Peace”, and he is judged heavily for it. It is also during this chapter that Ikemefuna begins to feel like part of the family. When Ikemefuna is ultimately killed by his father-figure, it will be another example of Okonkwo acting outside the bounds of clan advice. I can say smart stuff like that…

  7. So what should you do? Hey ladies… • Finish the novel outside of class if you are not done. • Work hard during time in the library (we have seven days in the library, so do the math…cover 3.5 chapters a day). • This leaves NO TIME for messing around. • Absolutely zero internet. This includes listening to music. People spend more time “picking a song” than doing work.

  8. A friendly note from Email your finished Powerpoint presentation to me at Unfinished presentations will not be graded. (Sad face) Each slide may earn a total of five points and will be evaluated in terms of quote selection; analysis; and grammar, spelling, and punctuation. What’s punc-cha-ma-cation? Hehehehe