Fad diets obesity
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Fad Diets/ Obesity . Eduardo Hernandez English 2 Mr. Ochoa 2nd period. Introduction .

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Fad diets obesity

Fad Diets/ Obesity

Eduardo Hernandez

English 2

Mr. Ochoa 2nd period


  • In Valley View, you can see students holding a water gallon or buying endless amounts of chips. These are what we call fad diets because it is what is currently “in” right now. You will always see students buying candies or chips or cokes and sometimes you see the opposite, you'll see students holding a water gallon with his or her lunch in their bag already.

The problem of obesity in teenagers
The Problem of Obesity in Teenagers

  • Obesity in teenagers is a growing problem that has become worst in recent times, and the rates are growing every year. America is a top leader in obesity in teenagers. Some reports indicated that as many as 33% of teenagers are now obese. The worst thing is that research study has indicated that obese teenagers will have a higher chance of becoming obese as adults than regular teens.

What are the possible causes of obesity
What are the possible Causes of Obesity?

  • Obesity in teenagers may result when the teenager has more than 10% extra weight over that of his or hers normal weight. This is due to bad eating or genetics. Bad eating would result in chips, sodas, chocolates and etc. Many people eat due to stress, mental or psychological problems or issues at home.

Tips for obesity
Tips for Obesity

  • A balanced diet is always the stepping stone to a healthy life style. Putting a teen on a diet is impossible. Studies show it is not recommended to put teens on a diet for it can lead to other psychological issues instead, plan your meals ahead and make sure each meal is well in nutrients.

  • Other tips for obesity is regular exercise. An hour of working out will keep your body in shape and will burn off extra calories and can lead to other nutrients you wont get from your daily diets.

Fad diets
Fad Diets

  • Fad diets are usually what is “in” or popular (trending) around your community. Nowadays, most teens are getting into the bodybuilding world. They are coming to school with their gallon of water or their lunch already made and constantly working out. This is leading to a decline in the number of teens who are obese or are becoming obese as seen in a recent study. But sadly enough not all teens are bodybuilders as others are becoming more and more interested in anorexia and bulimia and other sicknesses.


  • Anorexia is a lack or loss of appetite for food (as a medical condition). You see it mostly in females. Girls see pictures of models on magazines and are hypnotized to believe that this is the true definition of beauty. Anorexia will cause you to starve yourself until you see yourself in the perfect image only that this sickness causes you to believe that you're never beautiful enough and your never skinny enough.


  • Nowadays men have become gym rats. You can walk around school and find at least one teenager holding his water galloon. Bodybuilding is the practice of strengthening and enlarging the muscles of the body through exercise and nutrition. Bodybuilders focus on clean eating and exercising. Bodybuilding has become an addiction and contagious as it comes almost naturally to the mind. Think about it, how many times have you seen a bodybuilder or a super model and think to yourself, “man I gotta start working out”. Bodybuilding is popular among young men.

The hodge twins video
The Hodge twins (Video)

  • The Hodgetwins are 2 brothers (Twins) who set themselves to pass the message of health and nutrition to people who find themselves in situations such as anorexia, bulimia, bodybuilding and etc.


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