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The music video

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The music video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The music video

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  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  2. The music video To create a commercial and refined looking music video we had to take alot of things into consideration like target audience and the genre it was most suited to. It was highly important to do proper target research and make sure what we were creating would fit the audience it was intended for. We had to analyse the use of typical conventions used within other music videos. This then allowed us to develop them and use them in our own music video. This lead us to why certain aspects of music videos are created and what meaning they try to convey. After we finished looking at other music videos and found/understood the meanings portrayed in them, we knew what we had to do and apply to ours when we created it. We tried to give our music video a sort of hip-hop/urban feel to it as it went with the song. We had shots done in the night and we also had several shots of the back of train stations to set the feeling and tone of our music video. We even incorporated road signs and several cast members shouting down a phone and arguing with someone else too show they are in a feud (the lyrics “if your stuck in a feud you got nothing to lose”)

  3. Things needed to take into consideration Location and Setting Our main location for filming our music video was in North-West London in the borough of Brent. This location was great because not only did it suit our area where we wanted to create our music video but it was also very easy and accessible for all of us to meet up and begin shooting our video. We shot some scene’s at a graveyard. The setting was a place in Willesden. We also did alot of filming in an estate as we wanted to reinforce an element of hip-hop and also reinforce conventions of hip-hop. We also alot of filming in Church Road , so much so that we even referenced it in a scene of ours. Props and Objects We didn’t actually use any props in our music video. We didn’t use any as we didn’t need to use them and we felt it would detract away from our overall music video. We used a tripod to get perfectly filmed footage with out scene’s coming out as wonky due to someone have particularly shaky hands. Body Language and Gestures Body language and gestures are very important to a music video. They are key things in trying to portray an image and story in a music video. Out artist (Question999) did this very well. He moved with the song and used hand gestures to show/portray an image, hand gestures also show passion and add drama to a video, the music video would be very dull if out artist just stood their and read out lyrics while looking directly at the camera. Costume The costume was just casual. We tried to make the costume match the type of genre it was made for e.g hoodies, tracksuits, jeans, trainers etc. Put our actors in these type of clothing helped us to make them conform to the conventions of hip-hop. Cost We didn’t spend any money making this video. The actors were acquaintances of ours and happily wanted to be apart of our music video. Lighting and Colour Lighting was a tricky one. We needed scenes during different times of the day to set different scenes for our music video. Some shots were done in the after noon, some in the morning and some at night. Lighting is a very important part in the music video as well because some scenes can come out looking rather dull so consistency was the key. The colour of our music video is the right consistency needed for the type of genre of music we needed. Most hip-hop music videos are not done in a sunny day at the beach so we made sure we had a gloomy type of mood to our music video only recording scenes when the sun was hidden by the clouds. Camera While using the camera we tried to use variation doing some close-up shots, mid range, panning shots etc. We did all this to keep it fresh so the audience would not get bored of seeing the same type of angles over and over.

  4. Establishing shots in our music video Our music video has lots of shots that establish scenes but I have chosen a few . This picture is probably the most important as it establishes the scene and the environment of our whole music video. This image has an urban and lonesome feel to it. It has a sense of unsettledness to it and sets an image in the mind of the viewer. Another picture of our artist showing she means busy during certain parts of our music video. This is image of the artist showing how much pain she is going through. The lyrics “No one understand the pain” are played while she holds her heart like she is hurting on the inside. These two scenes have a strong connection to each other as different as they may seem. The image on the left has an image of a person standing in front of an estate with their road sign on it. This shows that this is his area and he owns this place (its his turf). The second pictures shows the same guy and another guy clashing. This is because he came into his territory showing a sense of them fighting for dominance. These images blend very well with the message our artist is trying to portray with his inventive lyrics and unique sense of story telling.

  5. This is one of the final scenes of our whole music video. This scene is very important as with most music videos when an artist is featuring on a song they meet up at the very end. They each tell their part of the story from different places during different times and events in the music video but in the end they meet and both say the message together. This adds a sense of connectivity and loyalty to one other showing they both went on a journey and have finally met each other in the end. This helps connect to the audience as well as it shows that the journey has come to an end, people love too have things to relate too and feel more connected to things when others are involved.