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Music video PowerPoint Presentation
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Music video

Music video

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Music video

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  1. Music video

  2. Definition • The definition of a music video is a short film or video that accompanies a piece of music. They often relate to what the music is about or the message the music is putting across. It doesn't always have to be relevant to the music.

  3. Purpose • There are many purposes of a music video some of which are to • One of the purpose of a music video is to grab the attention of the viewer and to make the song or video memorable. This makes the viewer either share or talk about that video/ song for a longer period of time. It is also to promote the band/artist and to identify there identity/style it also creates a fan base which you can then link to their target audience. • To show their style/fashion to enable a sub culture. • All bands/artists should have a music video for at least one of their songs because it gets them noticed and can change the way people think about them. Album promotion. • It will also extend income. Repeat fees/ royalties( every time a song plays a percentage gets paid to who holds the rights to the song).

  4. Purpose- world wide web • If a music video goes onto the internet it has a chance of being viewed by a lot of different people, This is probably the main advantage of a music video because it enables the band/artist to perform without actually having to physically having the be there. social networking such as Facebook enables this because if some one post’s the music video up on there face book their friends can view it and even share it onto another friendship group. This allows the music video to reach a much wider audience and be seen across the world.

  5. Marketing • Big record labels e.g. EMI, SONY will create high budget/production value. This will enable the band/artist to create high budget music videos and work with experienced directors and actors for their videos. This will make the bands/artists music video stand out more and attract more people. Also big record labels put hidden messages in their music videos.

  6. Marketing Independent labels • In the United Kingdom during the 1950s and 1960s, the major record companies EMI, Philips, and Decca had so much power that independent labels struggled to become established. Internet technology allows artists to introduce their music to a potentially enormous audience at low cost without necessarily affiliating with a major recording label. • Indie labels music videos can be much more interesting then major labels because basically all of the major labels music videos follow the same sort of guidelines when making a video.