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Music video

Music video

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Music video

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  1. Music video By Josh Ackers ^_^

  2. Promotional • Music video purposes are to self promote the band who produce a new album, also to get noticed by everyone to either gain more fans to download there album or just so there fans know what they had been working on. Also bands decide to do charity gigs like for example queen did live aid London back in 1985 (link down below)

  3. Extensions of income • Music videos are a good way for companies to make money; it cashes in on the success of a song, and helps to boost sales of other products linked to the singer. A music video can be sold on DVD or to other companies for broadcast, this would get money for the production company, the singer or artists featured in the song would likely get a percentage deal. Their would be repeat fees if the show was broadcast on TV. A music video extends the income of the singer-they would get money for doing the video, and from promotional duties and products. • Michael Jackson’s Thriller for instance took over $500 million in sales, no doubt boosted by its massively popular video, Jackson himself banked over $120 million. When it first aired on Top of the Pops it was played several times in the first evening. Here is a link.

  4. Extension of outlet • A music video gives the company and artist numerous ways to expand its potential audience. A music video more than doubles the way a song can be accessed. A music video can be seen in many different ways- on a special DVD or Blu-ray, often bundled with the soundtrack (e.g. Christmas promotions at HMV), on a Television channel, or on the internet. This ties in with publicity and other areas. • A music video can also lead its crew and singer to more work. For example Spike Jonze originally a noted music video director has since established himself as a proficient feature film director.

  5. Links to films and tv • Synergy is where two products or companies combine to make a video, and use the video as a platform to give them success in their respective areas. For example a music video may be made to increase publicity for a film, but may prove successful in its own right. One example is the music video My Plague by slipknot which they had scenes from the resident evil within the music video

  6. Producers strategies • To make a video successful a producer could use many techniques.  A music company would do audience research before the filming of the video to figure out how to market it, and how likely they are to be successful.  A producer of a music video would probably help to fund it so would have a definite idea of what direction he wanted to go in. The crew they hire for the film would also indicate what strategy they are going for- the director would have a certain technique or style which would affect the video, the producer would collaborate closely with the artist or band in the video, helping them get what they want. The band or singer may even act as a producer in their own right to ensure this happens. • The video for the Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson song Scream was the most expensive video ever made at the time of its release and featured two of the world’s biggest stars the video was designed to illustrate this with lots of close ups of the two stars, the video also showed their famous dance moves and reinforced their image in the public’s eyes.