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Music video

Music video

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Music video

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  1. Music video Joe Berry

  2. My group • I am working on my music video with Conor Crawford. We have also chose the song which will do which is Pentatonix- Cant hold us. They have done a cover to a song but the way they have changed the song has made it fit with what we want to do.

  3. What we need to include. • We need to put into our video: • Photography • Drawing • Collage • Film • Editing techniques • Sound

  4. Different videos • I like this music video as the video makes a story which fits the song, its not random. It may not include animation and things like that but it does have great video techniques

  5. Radioactive uses very good animation to make the puppets move and fight.

  6. Disclosure- White noise • White noise has included artwork (graffiti) in the video which has been included well.

  7. The Killers- Miss Atomic Bomb • In this video they have got animation which is used to make a story. They animated people to act out like people.

  8. The song that I chose to do a music video for is… • PENTATONIX- CAN’T HOLD US

  9. What we are doing • Conor- Conor has been making an animation of a person walking through the school to the beat. • George- George has made the introduction video and is going to be merging all our individual pieces into one an After Effects (with the help of me and Conor)

  10. What I am doing • I have been making a person who is from the original video and making him look animated.


  12. I am going to make the guy bob his head up and down to the beat. • But also I am going to make another person so I can make the interact with each other.

  13. So far I have done the next persons head • IT IS NOT FINISHED!

  14. I have done more of her but I did not get to finish her right arm

  15. Rest of my group:Conor Crawford • Conor has done an animation of a person walking through the school to the beat of the music. Conor, George and I spent a little while deciding which camera angles would work the best for the animation and came to an agreement. Conor got the idea afterwards that we should have the guy also walk through my background whilst my animated people are dancing.

  16. Rest of the group:george • George has animated for us an opening title sequence. This took George quite a bit of time due to his computer keep crashing due to it not liking the amount of layers of which he was using! We had no clue of what to call our production group but then came up with Disappointed Eagle and George and I then came up with the design you see below.

  17. What went well? • What I think went well was the fact everyone managed to get at least one piece of work done that we were happy with. For example, Conor’s work with someone walking through the school was all finished and I think he was happy with it. George was as happy as we could have got him with his introduction. Lastly, I was very happy with my characters when they were finished.

  18. Why did this work well? • It worked well because we kept helping each other out and helping the ideas flow. We didn’t put anyone down about there ideas and all helped in order for it to be finished for example I went with Conor to take the photos for the backgrounds of his piece and gave him ideas to work with his.,

  19. What techniques and tools did you use? • I used the pen tool quite a lot so that I could get the different sections as a shape and then edit them all individually on the separate layers. I also used a lot of effects and filters so that I could make them look as good as possible. For example, I put a slight opacity on the girls skirt so the parts which are slightly see through in the actual video looked slightly see through. I also used things like shadow and gradient for things as small as the male characters hat so that it looked as good as it can.

  20. Why did I choose them? • I chose them because I wanted my characters to look as good as possible and be able to move properly making the animation side easier as there was more to each body part then what the audience can see. I chose them because they were the different tools and techniques which I needed to use in order to make my work look as good as possible.

  21. What could I improve • I could have spent a little more time in thinking about the actual animation part for my characters instead of spending so much time in the design areas. Due to spending so much time design/ creating the characters, when it came to actually animating them to dance to the beat we didn’t have many ideas because if we made too many body parts move at once it wouldn’t all work together properly.

  22. How will you do this? • I will do this by thinking a bit more about the animation side itself so that I can come up with an actual animation plan of what the characters can do to the beat to make it look a lot less simple.

  23. What is your opinion of your work so far? • I liked how my work has gone as I am really happy of how the characters have turned out. I spent a lot more time on the guy rather than the girl so he looks better in my opinion but I am still happy with it. I am happy with how Conors turned out because the character does walk through the school how he planned and it is completely to the beat. I am also happy about Georges introduction as I think it is a nice little intro to our video which shows the production title.

  24. Why do you think this? • I think this because it all came together in the end quite well and to be honest am happy with how it all works. We all kept to the beat once Conor found out for us what it was and pieced all together it looks quite good. Obviously there is room for improvement in all of our work somewhere because nothing is perfect but from the time we spent working (as we missed a few lessons) it looks presentable and quite good.

  25. What will you do next • Next we will make the animation to the beat and work out how to properly piece it all together with out it looking to bad.