Only mbbs what after that
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Only MBBS! What after that?. Confusion and uncertainty???. Case study 1.

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Only mbbs what after that

Only MBBS! What after that?

Confusion and uncertainty???

Case study 1
Case study 1

  • Deepa was a good student and completed her MBBS with high marks. She decided to be a good Gynaecologist. Sensed a guidance to spend a couple of years in a mission hospital in eastern India. While there and seeing the primary health care needs in the villages she felt an inner direction(God) leading her to consider Community Medicine and make a difference. Applied to CMC.

  • Her friends and family think this is a foolish thing she is doing and are discouraging her. There is no future with this is their opinion…

    What do you think?

Case study 2
Case study 2

  • Jeevan was a good student for his undergraduate studies and passed out in 1st class. He met the Lord in his 3rd year and continued to grow in this relationship. He also gave leadership to the fellowship for 2 years.

  • After internship like others he went for a PG entrance coaching for 6 mths and spent few months preparing. In spite of his best efforts he has not qualified in 2 years while most of his friends have made it.

Discuss forsaken him. His faith is shaken and even wonders if its worth continuing his faith in this “good and faithful God”! He sees a bleak and uncertain future!

  • Does God really love and care for Jeevan? If so why is this happening?

  • How would you see this issue?

Joseph forsaken him. His faith is shaken and even wonders if its worth continuing his faith in this “good and faithful God”! He sees a bleak and uncertain future!

  • Favorite son of Jacob- dream at 17- had a sense of God’s plan

  • Brothers jealous- sold him as a slave

  • Imprisoned falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife

  • Interpret’s cup-bearer’s dream- forgotten for 2 more years

  • Pharaoh's dream-elevated to be Prime Minister

Lessons from joseph s life
Lessons from Joseph's life mind about his future and God ?

  • Heard from God- dream- had a purpose and vision for his life

  • Survived the difficult times and temptations because of this- Prov 29:18

  • You were created for a divine purpose as well*!

  • Will inspire, motivate and help restrain flesh in absence of any evidence!

  • Joseph was a “prosperous man”- mind about his future and God ?as a slave!?

  • God views prosperity differently*

  • For Joseph prosperity came from God

  • Not licking wounds and complaining-faithful and waiting**

  • Had image on inside-not affected by circumstances-helped operate in faith

  • Same power working for us – Eph 1:20

  • God will complete what He has begun!

  • Lived a God-dependent life mind about his future and God ? -in adversity – Gen 40:8, 41:39-40

  • 17 years not a short time!*

  • Knew his future rested in hands of God-Psalm75:6,7

  • Remained dependent after wealth and power**

Principles mind about his future and God ?

  • Adversities/setbacks not indicator of God’s love and care for us

  • True prosperity not material-knowing God is with us and His power

  • Having a perspective of God’s vision before us important*

  • God working out His plans (behind the scene)- He will accomplish! **

  • Remove idols- Pride – Self - God dependence

  • Is God asking us to review our plans?***

Possible options
Possible options mind about his future and God ?

  • Traditional Post graduation-clinical or non-clinical

  • Clinical work for a year or two-sponsorship

  • DNB programs- regular streams- also Family Medicine, Rural surgery

  • FRCS and similar degrees equally valid (except Medical Colleges)- Reshmin Gandhi

  • Medical College service with subsequent PG

  • Govt. service with PG later

  • Public Sector/Army etc Vivek

  • Public Health – Rejith/Admin- Suku/ Civil Ser..

  • Student Ministry with EMFI!- Vikram

Post studies
Post-studies mind about his future and God ?

  • Join and strengthen existing mission hospitals

  • Start a Christian private practice-in needy areas!

  • Govt health service or medical college teaching- nonclinical or clinical

  • Pioneer new initiatives -team

  • Private/Corporate if called to…!

  • Non-traditional-HIV, Geriatrics, Disability, Women, Palliative care

Kingdom perspective
Kingdom Perspective mind about his future and God ?

  • Hannah- I have dedicated him to the Lord… as long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord-1 Samuel 1:28

  • Always have Kingdom perspective- (mother)

  • Matthew 6:31-33- Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness….and all these things shall be added unto you!!