being unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business n.
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Being Unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business PowerPoint Presentation
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Being Unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business

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Being Unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Being Unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business. David Cohen The National Job Fair. I got to kiss to this. Because I got to interview Jack Mitchell. Author of Hug your Customer…. So how did that happen. Number one …have a vision.

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Being Unstoppable what it takes to succeed in business

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Presentation Transcript
because i got to interview jack mitchell
Because I got to interview Jack Mitchell
  • Author of Hug your Customer…
number one have a vision
Number one …have a vision
  • You need a vision…something that works, fits, feels right, inspires you…gets you going…you need a vision…
you need a good idea
You need a good idea
  • Good ideas are from a need in the market place
  • Seek opportunities
  • Talk it up
  • Research
  • Observe
  • Learn to combine
  • Or improve on something that exists
then a plan
Then a plan
  • You need a road map…a business plan…how are you going to get there? What are you shooting for? Who will guide you?
a good plan has research
A good plan has research
  • Research the market place
  • Research your prospects
  • Research your competition
  • Research the trends
  • Know your target group and why they do what they do
  • Know where to reach them
  • Know what they’re watching, reading doing and where they’re hanging out
but aim high
But Aim High…
  • I mean why not right?
  • Connect to your heart
  • Do what turns you on and lights you up…because it will have the same affect on others
get a supporting cast
Get a supporting cast
  • Surround yourself with others…a team, a buddy, a mentor, a mastermind group…
number 8
Number 8…
  • You gotta want it badly…
  • Desire
  • “You gotta be “HUNGRY”
number 7
Number 7…
  • Don’t quit until you say when…
tip 6
Tip 6
  • Overcome obstacles…go around them, by them, fly over top…whatever mode you travel…overcome obstacles
number 5
Number 5…
  • Leverage your way up…
tip 4
Tip 4…
  • Believe you can…
  • Need I say more?
numero trois the third star
Numero trois! The third star…
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, for business, for clients, for money…ask, ask, ask…
tip 2
Tip # 2…
  • Have Balance…SWIFT…
number one build loving relationships
Number one…build loving relationships…
  • Build loving, nurturing relationships with clients, investors, stakeholders, friends/family…but most important yourself!!!
remember to have fun
Remember to have fun…
  • Bring joy to the table. If you can build a business to make money, that takes time, involvement, discipline, work, effort, then why can’t you build a business that brings joy, passion, love, fun to the table…
  • What would a business that focused on joy, passion, fun and love look like? Can you have that?
  • What would it take for you to have that? What would you have to give up to get it?
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