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Being Human is all it takes

Class V 2013-2014 BSS Dhaka. Being Human is all it takes. Acceptance means…. Mind Map ~ Being Human. Mind Map 2 ~ Being Human. Definition ~ Acceptance. Definition ~ Acceptance. Posters that portray Acceptance. Posters that Portray Acceptance. Poems. Being Human

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Being Human is all it takes

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  1. Class V 2013-2014 BSS Dhaka Being Human is all it takes

  2. Acceptance means….

  3. Mind Map~ Being Human

  4. Mind Map 2~ Being Human

  5. Definition ~ Acceptance

  6. Definition~ Acceptance

  7. Posters that portray Acceptance

  8. Posters that Portray Acceptance

  9. Poems Being Human We are Scared, of the unknown We are scared, of the things which we can’t change. We are reluctant to change our minds, Our thoughts and ways we fight The things that frighten us, Or threaten our control of power. But we are only human Scared of the unknown So we become stuck in routine. Fleeting from change ~Written by the students of Class V

  10. Poems I am not concerned I am not concerned With your liking or disliking All I ask is that you respect me, As a human being. Written by students of Class V

  11. Poems Every human being on this earth, is born with tragedy, and it isn’t Original sin. He is born with tragedy that he has to grow up. A lot of people don’t have the courage to do that…. ~ written by RamisaKamal (V)

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