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  1. Nanoscale In Education for the Nanoscale, students need to learn to work on the nanometer scale. This opens completely new dimensions on how we will approach and solve many problems of the future as we enter the Nanometer Age.” -Heinrich Rohreer, Nobel Laureate

  2. In 1959… “Up to now we have been content to dig in the ground to find minerals, …ultimately in the great future we can arrange the atoms the way we want.” -Richard P. Feynman, the man who dared to think small, 1959

  3. The Future is Now! Now we have new imaging and manipulation tools available to help us gather data about nanosized materials.

  4. How Big is Nano? These prefixes can be confusing! On the next few slides we’ll investigate what they mean. The Basics: • There are one million micrometers in a meter. • There are 1000 nanometers in 1 micrometer.

  5. SI Prefixes

  6. How Small is Small? How many suns could fit inside Surius, …Pollux, …Arcturus?

  7. And Smaller? How many earths could fit inside Jupiter, …Neptune, …the sun? View size comparisons is at Click on “Learn More: Powers of Ten” in the top left hand corner of the page.

  8. Small is Small! Follow this link for a great visual illustration of size: A related activity can be found at Comparing one hundred nanometers to the size of a soccerball is like comparing a soccerball to the size of the earth!

  9. Quiz Time Test your knowledge of scale at

  10. Try Living in a Nanoworld! Click on and play Duckboy in Nanolandto better understand how things operate at the nanoscale. Click for more information on how the nanoworld operates.

  11. How Can We See the Nanoworld? Use some of the microscopes that help us learn and understand the nanoworld at: Or visit a photo gallery at these sites:

  12. Today’s Scienceat the Nanoscale? To find out what we’re learning at the nanoscale, click on

  13. What’s New in Nano? Nanoscience news can be found at For the latest discoveries in nanoscience click on