england s imperfect war in iraq n.
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Britain's "flawed" war in Iraq PowerPoint Presentation
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Britain's "flawed" war in Iraq

Britain's "flawed" war in Iraq

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Britain's "flawed" war in Iraq

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  1. England's "imperfect" war in Iraq

  2. A British fighter gets ready to hop from a blazing tank set on fire after a shooting occurrence in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, September 2005. A British investigation into the Iraq war emphatically censured previous Prime Minister Tony Blair and his legislature for joining the U.S.- drove intrusion without an attractive lawful premise or appropriate planning.

  3. Anti-war protestors amass toward the begin of a mass rally in London to contradict a military strike on Iraq, September 2002. REUTERS/Peter Macdiarmid

  4. Anti-war protestors hold up a pennant as HMS Ocean sails out of Plymouth Sound from Devonport Naval Base for activities in the Mediterranean and Far East, January 2003. REUTERS/Stephen Hird

  5. An Iraqi lady strolls back home toward the southern city of Basara as flames fury out there as British powers built into the edges of the city, April 2003. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

  6. A British Warrior heavily clad battle vehicle crashes into a photo of Saddam Hussein in the city of Basra, March 24, 2003. REUTERS/POOL/Mark Richards

  7. British Royal Marines Omar Rawlings (L) and Del Morton of 40 Commando grin as they crush into their dove in position in mud after overwhelming rainstorms north of the Al Faw promontory on the way to deal with Basra, March 2003. REUTERS/POOL/Terry Richards

  8. An Iraqi man is pushed away to question by a British fighter outside the blockaded southern Iraqi city of Basra, March 2003. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen

  9. Royal Marines from Juliet Company 42 Commando stand outside Saddam Hussein's royal residence at Basra, April 2003. REUTERS/POOL/Jon Mills - Western Daily Press

  10. A family escapes past an annihilated Iraqi T-55 tank after a mortar assault on British Army positions in the southern city of Basra, March 2003. REUTERS/Chris Helgren

  11. A British fighter shakes hands with a kid at a checkpoint in Basra, November 2006. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  12. British Prime Minister Tony Blair shows up in a recording, which likewise included U.S. President George W. Bramble, show on Iraqi TV in April 2003 with a promise to Iraqis that they would control their own future once the "bad dream" of Saddam Hussein was over. REUTERS/File

  13. British officer Greg McPherson, 19, from Dundee sits in his Warrior defensively covered vehicle in the wake of listening to that two fighters from the Black Watch had been harmed in a before episode, November 2004. REUTERS/Maurice McDonald/Pool

  14. A kid tosses a stone at a copying British office vehicle after it was assaulted by shooters with a rocket impelled projectile in Basra, October 2006. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  15. A group of weapons monitors from the U.N. Observing, Verification and Inspection Commission look a military mechanical complex, Al-Tariq General Company, close to the town of Falluja, December 2002. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

  16. A British armed force officer has her handgun positioned as Iraqi regular folks escape battling in Basra April 2003. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

  17. An Iraqi militiaman, furnished with a rocket-moved explosive, passes a smoldering British vehicle after it went under assault in Basra August 17, 2004. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  18. A British warrior watches on a heavily clad vehicle in Basra, March 2008. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  19. A cavity created by a roadside bomb assault on a street in Basra, April 2007. Two roadside bombs hit British strengths in what the British military depicted as a "genuine episode". REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  20. A pine box of a serviceman murdered when a RAF Hercules plane smashed over Iraq is repatriated back to the UK from Basra airplane terminal, February 7, 2005. The accident executed 10 servicemen. REUTERS/Staff Sergeant Chris Crawford

  21. A lady and kid respond after a British strike in Basra, April 2007. English powers assaulted two houses, executing a man who was taking a rifle from a pantry trusting his aim was to start shooting upon them, the British military said. Two other individuals were captured and various weapons were seized. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  22. British Army troops take care of injured friends after their Land Rover was assaulted by little arms fire, collided with a taxi and flipped over in the southern city of Basra, April 2004. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  23. The pine box of Black Watch fighter Sergeant Stuart Gray is taken from Trinity Parish Church amid his burial service in Cowdenbeath in Fife, Scotland, November 2004. Sergeant Gray was slaughtered in a suicide assault close Falluja. REUTERS/Jeff J Mitchell

  24. British troopers of RAF Regiment enter a relinquished building while on watch in Basra December 2005. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

  25. Firemen hose down a smoldering fuel truck after it was assaulted by shooters in Basra, May 2007. No less than one British officer was injured when shooters assaulted the military fuel truck, the British military said. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  26. A griever is helped after the burial service of Private James (Jamie) Kerr after his memorial service at Trinity Parish Church in Cowdenbeath in Fife, Scotland July 26, 2007 . Private Kerr and two different fighters from The Black Watch, third Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland kicked the bucket while on watch in Basra. REUTERS/David Moir

  27. A British military helicopter lands amid an operation in focal Basra, May 21, 2005. English officers on board the helicopter halted and looked a vehicle in the wake of accepting data that it may convey weapons or a bomb. Three men in the vehicle were addressed and discharged in the wake of nothing was found inside the auto, onlookers said. REUTERS/Atef Hassen

  28. A youth throws a stone at British fighters amid a savage challenge by occupation seekers, who say they were guaranteed vocation in the security administrations, in Basra, March 2004. REUTERS/File

  29. A man waves a gun close to a smoldering vehicle after a roadside bomb assault in Basra, May 2007. A games utility vehicle of a remote security organization in Basra was devastated after a bomb assault by guerillas, a British representative said. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

  30. Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair addresses British officers at Divisional Headquarters in Basra, May 2007. Blair, on his last visit to Iraq as executive, said he had no second thoughts in regards to his part in the U.S.- drove intrusion that expelled Saddam Hussein. REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau/WPA/Pool

  31. A guard of British defensively covered vehicles watch a street in the wake of hauling out from Basra Palace, as British troops quit the southern Iraqi city of Basra, closure the British nearness in the oil center point surprisingly since the U.S.- drove intrusion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, September 2007. REUTERS/Handout

  32. A lady sobs as she takes a gander at the Basra remembrance divider before its rededication at the National Arboretum in Alrewas, focal England, March 2010. REUTERS/Darren Staples

  33. British Army troops are secured on fire from a petrol bomb tossed amid a vicious dissent by occupation seekers, who say they were guaranteed work in the security administrations, in the southern Iraq city of Basra March 22, 2004. REUTERS/Atef Hassan/File Photo