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Story Telling

Story Telling

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Story Telling

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  1. Story Telling

  2. In writing for purpose Carmen asked us to write an opinion piece on a story that was currently in the news. • I saw a story about a 13 year old Indian girl who had been raped by three men and then they set her alight and she died.

  3. The actual opinion piece •

  4. Research • Through- out the process of my research I found that there are many different ways to be ‘immersive’. • First Example: Hans Roslin • Second Example: Coca cola

  5. Third Example: Marks and Spencer • Fourth Example: John lewis

  6. Research of How writers use immersive experience E52 • This play was immersive, it got the audience involved and you had to locate to different areas of the building.

  7. There will be a book icon which you clicked on which would bring a drop down text box of more detail of what happened in that particular scene of the story On the Ipad More detail of what happened There will be a short narration of the story appear different places on the screen. You would swipe left or right to find the next image You would have the choice to mute the music in the background

  8. Ipad app inspiration •

  9. The platforms I chose; • The platforms I chose were, Web, Photography and Video.

  10. Photography • For the photography, I had 4 models. • Model 1- The young girl who was raped. • Model 2- The attacker. • Model3- The older sister. • Model4- The mother. What I used To edit my images I used photoshop. To get my images in black and white I Clicked on adjustments and B&W.(SEE FIG1) I used the blur tool to make everything in the image blurry apart from the victim (SEE FIG 2) To keep colour on specific parts of the image, I opened up to windows of the same image one B&W one in colour. I used the quick selection tool (SEE FIG3) and cut out the coloured part of the image I wanted and moved it onto the black and white image. Why? I used black and white because it’s a dark subject. I blurred everything so you could see what the attacker was looking at and so you Could feel the emotion of what the subject was feeling. FIG1 FIG 3 • FIG2

  11. Video To do the video I used Premier Pro. Why Because I find it simple and easier to use. What did: I put all the images in order and then added video transitions to each image. The transitions I used for the images I used Dip to Black and Dip to white. Music For the music on my video I wanted to create suspense, but I didn’t want the music to be too aggressive. I think edited the first clip of music with a softer sad piece of music. I used the volume controls to do this. Both pieces of music were piano music.

  12. Website • To do the website I used Wix. I did try square space, but I had problems with this, it wouldn’t work properly. I Used Moonfruit, but didn’t use it as you were only given a free trial. • I did have a problem with wix, because I saved my work, but when I went to edit it the next day the work had disappeared.

  13. The video would be full screen after it had finished you’d have the choice to watch another film or an icon would appear and you could go to other victims story.

  14. On this page the highlighted ones will be flashing as they are links to other stories. And the story would be scrolling and have a voice over.

  15. The video would be full screen and a narrative would be scrolling down at the side, when you clicked on the button other victims stories, the page would turn like a book., but instead of having a back button, would have a quarter of the previous page on to page you are currently on.

  16. The same with these stories

  17. When you click on a number the tree will grow, and the Points will have a tick next to them.

  18. For an ipad app • For an ipad app, I would use prezi, as I think prezi looks good on an ipad and you can also, make it look immersive.