trade unions n.
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Trade Unions

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Trade Unions. To explain the role of Trade Unions To analyse Trade Unions To evaluate Trade Unions. Trade Unions.

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trade unions

Trade Unions

To explain the role of Trade Unions

To analyse Trade Unions

To evaluate Trade Unions

trade unions1

Trade Unions

is an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, achieving higher pay, increasing the number of employees an employer hires, and better working conditions

changing roles of trade unions

Changing Roles of Trade Unions

Change of ownership from public to private sector: leads to a new contract of employment & conditions

Less collective bargaining & more regional or workplace level negotiation

Improving the rights of part-time workers

Enforcing the rights of women in the workplace

Employment Relations Act 1999 – workers vote to name a union to represent them

trade unions2

Trade Unions


Opportunity to access the benefits of collective bargaining

Shield workers from exploitation and victimisation by management (i.e. lack of adherence to labour laws, unfair dismissals)

Assist members by offering them information about their rights

Provide its members with legal assistance during disciplinary matters or legal suits

Negotiate wage and salary matters with employers

trade unions3

Trade Unions


Collective bargaining by Trade Unions can sometimes lump all workers together thereby inhibiting hard-working individuals from being rewarded appropriately

Involvement or participation, workers tend to become more critical and conscious of management methods and activities

This could possibly hinder their chances at training and promotions, especially if these are solely at management's discretion

trade unions4

Trade Unions

Use the ACAS website to consider how useful ACAS are for Tesco employees

employee participation

Employee Participation

…is the process whereby employees are involved in decision making processes, rather than simply acting on orders

employee participation1

Employee Participation

Empowering employees


Team working

Employees are trusted

Is a key motivational tool