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  1. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION All information provided in this presentation can also be found on the website, in the catalog, and in the student handbook.

  2. Getting to Know the College:

  3. Building 1 Includes: • Tutoring Center • Building 3 Includes: • Administration Office • Student Services Office • Foundation Office • Cashier’s Office • Business Office • Disability Resource Office • Bookstore • Cafeteria • Testing Center • Adult Basic Education

  4. Building 5 Includes: • Center for New Directions • Library • Building 6

  5. Administration Office President: Burton Waite Vice President of Finance and Administration: James Stratton Vice President of Instruction and Student Affairs: Dr. Steve Albiston Leadership of the College

  6. Academics:

  7. Student Services Office Building 3 Christofferson Admissions Registrar Financial Aid Career Placement Work Force Training

  8. Registration Fees • $1065 (resident) includes $84 mandatory insurance fee and $15 computer fee for full-time students and students in professional courses. Some courses may have additional lab or supply fees associated with them. ($90/credit hour) • Each semester has a fee payment deadline. Forms of payment include: • Cash/Check/Credit Card • Voucher • Scholarship • Military • Financial Aid (Intent to Attend form) • Other • If you have not paid your fees by the fee deadline, YOU WILL BE DROPPED from your courses. • Fee Refunds (minus a $10 processing fee) • 100% prior to 1st day of classes • 75% 1st week • 50% 2nd week • 25% 3rd week • 0% after 3rd week Office of the Registrar *Some fees are not refundable.

  9. If you do not pay your fees by the fee deadline you will be dropped from your classes? True False

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  12. If I withdraw from classes on the 2nd week of classes how much of a refund will I get? 100% 25% 50% 75%

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  15. Student Health Insurance Plan SHIP • Students registered for 10 or more credits or who are enrolled in the professional portion of a health care program are automatically enrolled in SHIP. • The cost of SHIP is $84 per semester. • If you are covered under another insurance plan you can submit an insurance waiver application on the SHIP website. • If you are waiving, you MUST fill out the waiver form EVERY semester. • Students who are enrolled in 6-9 credits are eligible for SHIP and may voluntarily enroll. • For more information about SHIP: • Check your EITC email for important information • Read the brochure in your New Student Orientation folder • Visit the Student Health Insurance Website

  16. Where can you find more information about the SHIP? In the brochure located in you New Student Orientation Folder By visiting the Registrar’s office located in Student Services On the Student Health Insurance website All of the Above

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  19. If you are registered in 10 or more credits, or in the professional portion of a Health Care Program, you are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Care Plan? True False

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  22. If you already have health insurance through your job, spouse or parents and do not want to be covered by the EITC Student Health Insurance Plan you must do the following: Nothing, if you have other insurance you won’t be enrolled in SHIP Go online to the SHIP website and complete the insurance waiver application Call the Registrar’s Office and tell them

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  25. Attendance • Students are expected to attend all scheduled courses. If you must miss a class: • All class work and homework assignments must be made up at the discretion of the instructor • If you’re planning an extended absence use the Petition for an Approved Leave form available online at: These are to be used when you have maxed your allowable absences. • Extended illness requires a note from the doctor.

  26. Academic Progress • If your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0: • You will be placed on academic probation for the next semester. • You will received a letter from the Registrar’s office detailing the consequences of your probation. • You will remain on probation until your Cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or above. • If you fail to meet the terms of your Probation you will be Suspended from EITC.

  27. Adding and Dropping Courses • Adding Courses • Courses may be added beginning the first day of registration through the first week of instruction. Courses may not be added after this time. • Dropping Courses • Courses may be dropped beginning the first day of registration through the first week of instruction. • A course dropped during this time will not appear on your permanent transcript. • Withdrawal • You may withdraw from courses beginning the second week of the semester until the end of the 10th week of the semester. • A course you withdraw from will show as a “W” on your transcript , but will not be calculated into your final GPA. • If you are withdrawing from ALL your courses you must fill out a Total Withdrawal form.

  28. What happens if your semester GPA falls below a 2.0? I can register for my next semester classes. I will be placed on academic probation. I will be unable to return to school.

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  31. Financial Aid:

  32. Financial Aid

  33. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Request a Pin Number Complete FAFSA Priority Deadlines: June 1-Fall Semester November 1-Spring Semester February 1-Summer Semester A financial aid award year is July 1-June 30.

  34. Where can you go to apply for financial Aid? The EITC website The School All of the Above

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  37. What are the Priority Deadlines for Financial Aid? June 1-Fall Semester November 1-Spring Semester February 1-Summer Semester August 1-Fall Semester December 1-Spring Semester March 1-Summer Semester April 1-Fall Semester September 1-Spring Semester January 1-Summer Semester

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  40. Financial Aid Missing Information Letters: These letters are sent out to students who are missing information needed to complete their file. If this letter is received, read the requested items carefully and submit them accordingly. Missing documents can also be viewed on Web Advisor. Financial Aid Forms: All forms can be found on our website. Please fill out the form, print it, and return to the FA Office. Forms such as Request for Adjustment, Special Circumstance Appeal, Verification worksheets, Consortium Agreement, and General Appeal can be found here. Financial Aid Awards: Once your file is complete, you will be sent an award letter. The letter will list the aid you will receive based on full time status. Awards can also be viewed on Web Advisor. All awards will be accepted except for the Unsubsidized loan. You can accept or decline the award on Web Advisor. Loans: If a loan appears on your Award Letter, you must be enrolled in 6 credits, complete Entrance Loan Counseling, and complete a Promissory Note at the website under Financial Aid, Loans. First time EITC students who have never received a student loan will have to wait 30 days for their funds to be released. Financial Aid Eligible Credits: You may only receive financial aid for credits that are REQUIRED in your program. Refer to your program plan before scheduling classes.

  41. Once you fill out a FAFSA your Financial Aid is complete? True False

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  44. What two steps must you do to activate your student loans? Complete FAFSA and go to Cashier’s Office to pick up check. Accept loan award on WebAdvisor and go to Cashier’s Office to receive check. Complete Entrance Loan Counseling, and a Master Promissory Note.

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  47. How long must a first time loan recipient wait until their money will be released? 1 Semester 30 days from beginning of the semester 1o days from the beginning of the semester

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  50. If a register for a class not required for my program, I can still receive Financial Aid? True False