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  1. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION College Finances: Understanding Your Responsibilities and the Opportunities

  2. Bursar’s Office Information for New Students Warwick 825-2151 Lincoln 333-7177 Providence 455-6118 Newport 851-1640

  3. Important Bursar Information • Office hours may vary by Campus. Our Warwick & Lincoln campus hours are 8:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Thursday, Fridays until 4:00pm. • Most financial transactions can be completed on line and payments maybe remitted online by VISA and Mastercard at WWW.CCRI.EDU. • Email is the official method of communication throughout the college. Please make it a point to check your email frequently through your student Pipeline account.

  4. Where do I look for Information? • The course bulletin and our Bursar webpage contain important financial information. • Please take the time to look at the Financial Matters page. • Tuition and Fees for the semester are listed in the course bulletin (subject to change by Board of Governors for Higher Ed.). • Methods of Payment are also contained on both our website and course bulletin.

  5. When Will I Receive My Bill? • There are specific bill dates and due dates. • Those bill dates along with due dates are posted on our website as well as in the course bulletin. • Your due date will be printed on the bill you receive in the mail. • It is important to remit full payment on or before the due date.

  6. FALL 2009 Dates provided above are subject to change and should be used only as a guideline.

  7. How Do I Pay My Bill? The College provides you with many ways to pay your bill. You may pay by cash, check, money order, and some credit cards or by enrolling in our deferred payment plan. No bills will be mailed after  August 20, 2009.  Payment in full is required when registering either in-person or on-line from August 20 - September 8, 2009.  A $30 Late Registration Fee will be in effect beginning August 27, 2009. The easiest way to pay your bill is directly online. You may pay using MasterCard or VISA» You may pay your bill by mail using a check, money order or credit card. CCRI accepts MasterCard, VISA or Discover by mail. Your bill will include a section for the recording of your credit card information. A signature is required for credit card payment processing. You may pay your bill at the Bursar’s Office on any of the College’s four main campusesduring normal business hours. On campus, you may pay by cash, check, money order or credit card. CCRI accepts MasterCard, VISA or Discover on campus. If you do not wish to wait in line or need to pay outside of normal business hours, a drop box is located outside each campus location for payment by check or money order.

  8. Is a Payment Plan an option? • Payment Plans are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only. • Students will receive payment plan information along with their semester bill. • Students will also receive a separate mailer containing payment plan enrollment forms from TMS, the payment plan provider. • PLEASE BE AWARE OF ENROLLMENT DATES BECAUSE AS IT GETS CLOSER TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER, THE PAYMENT PLAN PROCESS CHANGES.

  9. Payment Plans • Payment Plans are administered through an outside company, TMS. • You must be enrolled in at least 3 CHE and have a minimum balance of $470.00. • Once enrolled in the plan, questions and payments should be directed to TMS. • There is a $30.00 enrollment fee that must be included along with your first payment.

  10. Payment Plans • Your first payment is 1/3 of your tuition and fees total, plus the $30.00 enrollment fee. • Payments for the plan will be due in August*, October 1, and November 1. • Representatives from TMS will be on Campus for students who register late. • The first payment plan payment must be received by your bill due date.

  11. Part Time Tuition and Fees Part Time/Per Semester (11 billing credits or less) Other College Fees

  12. Full Time Tuition and Fees *Students who do not reside in Rhode Island are subject to CCRI's residency policy. The residency policy may be obtained in the Office of Enrollment Services in Warwick, Lincoln, Newport and Providence. This policy will determine if you will be charged the inter-state tuition rate or the out-of-state tuition rate.

  13. Can I View My Account Online? • You can view your account balance on your Pipeline. • Sign in and go to: • For Students • Student Records • Account Summary • Payments can be made here as well

  14. Students’ Financial Responsibilities Paying your tuition and fees in full by the specified due date on your bill is your responsibility.  Education is an investment in your future.  Assuming personal responsibility for paying your tuition and fees promptly is an integral part of the educational process at CCRI. Paid in full is defined as having made full payment by cash, check, or credit card, enrollment in CCRI's approved payment plan (TMS), an official College financial aid award (aid or loan), or an authorization for payment by a third party. Students are responsible for dropping all courses they are not planning to attend and are responsible for payment of courses in which they are enrolled. Students should NOT assume they will be dropped from a class for non-payment, as there are many factors that will determine whether and when a student is dropped for non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to verify his or her enrollment status. To verify enrollment status, students can view their schedules on Pipeline at Students who do not meet their financial obligations to CCRI will be denied a variety of student services including access to grades, future enrollment, and issuance of transcripts.  Delinquent accounts will be reported to national credit bureaus and could possibly damage your credit rating. All past due semester balances must be paid by money order, certified check, or credit card. No personal checks will be accepted.

  15. It’s Never Too Late To Learn Main Number: 455-6028 15

  16. Educational Opportunity Center Overview: RIEOC Financial Aid Opportunities Important Deadlines

  17. RIEOC The Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center (RIEOC) is a grant program of the Community College of Rhode Island. RIEOC is funded by the US Department of Education through the Office of Federal TRiO Programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

  18. Who Uses RIEOC? RIEOC has been assisting students with their educational and career goals, since 1979. RIEOC Serves 4,000 students each year Two-thirds of participants served are low-income and first-generation college bound students (the first in their family to go to college)

  19. Services Provided Admissions Application Assistance Financial Aid Application Assistance Academic Advising Career Counseling Transfer Counseling GED/ESL Referral

  20. Who is Eligible for RIEOC Services? US Citizen; or Eligible non-citizen (e.g. permanent resident, refugee); and Individuals who need RIEOC services

  21. Financial Aid Each year RIEOC provides more than 3,000 participants with assistance to complete applications for financial aid, including the FAFSA application. Counselors also provide assistance with additional paperwork that is necessary to complete their financial aid files.

  22. Funding Sources Complete the FAFSA early – Types of aid which are based on the FAFSA– Pell Grant (Federal Aid) RI Higher Education Assistance Authority (State Aid) Institutional Aid College Work-Study Subsidized Loans Unsubsidized Loans

  23. To be Eligible for Aid You Must: Have financial need; Be enrolled in a degree program; Maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a degree; Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen; Be registered with selective service, if required; and Not be in default of a loan, or owe a repayment of any aid received

  24. Student Information for FAFSA: The most recent year’s income info including: Tax return, W-2’s Value of assets Value of business Value of rental property All of the above may also be necessary from the parent(s) of an applicant under 24 and/or not married and with no dependent children.

  25. Scholarships Check CCRI Website RIHEAA RI Foundation EOC list FREE Scholarship Sites

  26. Important Dates: (CCRI) FAFSA can be completed anytime after January 1stto receive a Pell Grant, institutional aid or loans March 1 – RI State Grant CCRI Financial Aid Priority deadline is May 1 Sep 9 - 22 (Wed - Tue) Drop Period for enrolled students (courses will not appear on transcript) APPLY EARLY!!

  27. Contact Info: Knight Campus (Warwick) Monday / Tuesday 8:30-4:30 Thursday 8:30-12noon Room 1050 Call for appointment 455-6028 Flanagan Campus (Lincoln) Monday 8:30 – 12 Tuesday 8:30-4:30 Room 2574 Call for appointment 455-6028 Liston Campus (Providence) Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30 (8:30-7:30 during Fall and Spring Semesters) 401-455-6028 Newport Campus Monday / Tuesday/ Thursday 8:30-4:30 Room 148 401-851-1638

  28. CCRIFoundation/AlumniAssociation Scholarships for School Summer 2009 Main Number: 333-7150

  29. Scholarships, Funds and Awards • The Community College of Rhode Island Foundation and Alumni Association grant scholarships, funds and awards to students who are: incoming, continuing, transferring and/or graduating. • Criteria, application deadline and award amounts differ. • In any given year some scholarships might not be available, please check the Website for current information.

  30. Criteria Scholarships are listed by department as follows: • Business, • Computer Studies, • Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, • Fine Arts, • General Programs, • Health & Rehabilitative Sciences • Office • Administration. Links to individual scholarship criteria and applications are available through the index page:

  31. Procedures • To be considered for a scholarship, students are required to submit an application form and any required documentation to the proper scholarship chairperson by the deadline. • The chairperson appoints a scholarship committee to review applications and check students status with the college. • Recipients are notified by the Foundation via email.

  32. Requirements from Students • Award recipients are required to write a thank you note to the donor and or the scholarship chair and submit a brief bio about themselves. • Information is available on the web site to help students complete these requirement at: And

  33. Other Financial Resources • The CCRI Foundation home page has a link for students about other available financial resources from organizations and foundations outside of CCRI. • To view a list of these financial opportunities follow this link: to Scholarship – Fund –Awards, and then click on: Other scholarship links/financial resources

  34. College Finances What questions do you have?