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Business Story: Having a Job while in College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Patrick Mullen. Business Story: Having a Job while in College. Questions for Sources. 1. Do you have a job at school? If so, where? 2. Why did you want that job? 3. Do you enjoying working at your job? 4. Does it conflict with your class work?

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By patrick mullen

By Patrick Mullen

Business Story: Having a Job while in College

Questions for sources
Questions for Sources

  • 1. Do you have a job at school? If so, where?

  • 2. Why did you want that job?

  • 3. Do you enjoying working at your job?

  • 4. Does it conflict with your class work?

  • 5. Do you have to work or are you choosing to?

Source matt sheehan
Source: Matt Sheehan

  • 1. “Yes, I am currently the volleyball reporter at The State News. Earlier this school year I covered Field Hockey as well.”

  • 2. “It applies to my major [Journalism], and I think that will lead resume for me as well.”

  • 3. “Yes, sure. It is a ton of work, but it is so worth it in my mind.”

  • 4. “Somewhat. It definitely takes up a lot of my schedule that I could be doing classwork.”

  • 5. “I don’t have to work. But I feel like I have to in order to set myself up for a career post-graduation.”

Source katherine leonard
Source: Katherine Leonard

  • 1. “Yes, I do. I am a sales associate at Urban Outfitters.”

  • 2. “I like the company around me and I also want to work in fashion.”

  • 3. “Yeah! I really like my co-workers along with working with the customers. And I get a great discount.”

  • 4. “Yes, you do not think about requesting time off for exams ahead of time. And every time I work I feel like I have schoolwork.”

  • 5. “I choose to work because I like having my own money that I earned.”

Source ellie jacques
Source: Ellie Jacques

  • 1. “I am a waitress at Olga’s Kitchen, a tutor for Teaching Assistants MSU and an Intern at Refugee Development Center of Lansing.”

  • 2. “The work is difficult but enjoyable. Olga’s is where I make most of my money from, but tutoring I enjoy. I do not get paid at my internship but I enjoying helping others in need.”

  • 3. “My favorite job is at the refugee. Just the idea of helping others is extremely rewarding.”

  • 4. “EVERYTHING I do conflicts with my school work. I have been very stressed with my work this semester.”

  • 5. “I have to waitress because it is my main source of income. The other two I mainly just do for the fun and joy of it.”

Ellie jaques
Ellie Jaques

Source alexander kamstra
Source: Alexander Kamstra

  • 1. “I recently quit my job at Leo’s Coney Island.”

  • 2.” The work was appealing to me because of the atmosphere, closeness to my house and I was familiar with some of the employees. The paycheck was nice also.”

  • 3. “I did not enjoy the work much, actually. My favorite thing about work was complaining about it.”

  • 4. It didn’t really interfere with my class work, but definitely interfered with my social life and sleep schedule.”

  • 5. “ I chose to work. Earning my own pay check is a good feeling.”

Hutch kamstra
Hutch Kamstra

Source daniel collins
Source: Daniel Collins

  • 1. “Yes, I work maintenance in the South Complex on campus.”

  • 2. “It is an easy jobs and fits in well with my class schedule.”

  • 3. “Sure, I have been working there since my sophomore year so it must not be too bad.”

  • 4. “No, the hours work well and I can do my homework at work sometimes so that helps out.”

  • 5. “I choose to work. I have free time so I thought I would use that time well.”