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Foreshadowing. Take notes on outlined text. Foreshadowing. Hints in a story about what will happen further on in the story. Foreshadowing can be things people say, descriptions of objects, actions, etc. Foreshadowing gets readers ready for the end of the story.

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Take notes onoutlinedtext

  • Hints in a story about what will happen further on in the story.
  • Foreshadowing can be things people say, descriptions of objects, actions, etc.
  • Foreshadowing gets readers ready for the end of the story.
  • Sometimes, if a story doesn’t have a very clear ending, authors use foreshadowing along the way to help us infer the ending on our own.
foreshadowing in the veldt
Foreshadowing in the Veldt…
  • The nursery was hot. It was uncomfortable for the parents to be in.
  • The parents kept hearing “familiar” screams
  • The parents found objects that belonged to them—scarf, wallet—that were all bloody.
  • The kids were used to getting their way all the time.
  • The psychologist seemed really concerned about the images the children were creating in the nursery.

In the end, we assume the parents were killed. We have a good guess that the psychologist will probably be killed too.

foreshadowing in the landlady assignment
Foreshadowing in “The Landlady”--Assignment
  • At the end of the story, it’s up to us as readers to infer the old lady is killing and stuffing the young men who stay at her house.


  • Find examples of foreshadowing (hints) the author gives us so we can figure out the end of the story. Use actual quotes from the story plus your explanation of why that quote is foreshadowing.
    • Standard=3 quotes + your explanation
    • Above Standard=5quotes + your explanation
    • HL=7 quotes + your explanation
  • Rank the hints from strongest to weakest. Explain why you chose the strongest one to be the strongest.
example for the veldt
Example for the Veldt…
  • Quote: “‘What is that?’ she asked. ‘An old wallet of mine,’ he said. He showed it to her. The smell of hot grass was on it and the smell of a lion. There were drops of saliva on it, it bad been chewed, and there were blood smears on both sides.”
    • Explanation:This quote foreshadows the parents getting eaten because they find objects that belong to them in the nursery that look like the remains of someone after a lion eats them.
  • Quote: "Those screams—they sound familiar."
    • Explanation: The author wouldn’t say the screams were ‘familiar’ unless he wanted us to guess that the parents are hearing their own screams, or screams of someone they know.
  • Quote: “’I'm afraid.’ She came to him and put her body against him and cried steadily. ‘Did you see? Did you feel? It's too real.’"
    • Explanation: This is a hint of how the nursery is becoming real. Lydia, the wife, can sense that the nursery is more than just an imaginary toy and it brings her to the point of tears.

Explanation of #1: I think the strongest hint the author gave about the parents being killed at the end of the story was when George and Lydia (the parents) found objects that belonged to them—a wallet and a scarf—covered in blood, lying in the nursery. This was the moment in the story where, as they were afraid of in #3, the nursery was coming to life. This set us up as readers to assume if the nursery could produce physical objects, then it was possible that anyone who went in there might be in danger.