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The Norse Creation Story

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The Norse Creation Story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Norse Creation Story. How the world came to be. The worlds. Niflheim Land of ice and snow Spring Hvergelmir Source of the Elivagar (Eleven Rivers) Cool Svol Defiant Gunnthra Fjorm Bubbling Fimbulthul Fearsome Slid Storming Hrid, Sylg, and Ylg Broad Vid and Leipt Freezing Gjoll

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the norse creation story

The Norse Creation Story

How the world came to be

the worlds
The worlds
  • Niflheim
    • Land of ice and snow
    • Spring Hvergelmir
      • Source of the Elivagar (Eleven Rivers)
        • Cool Svol
        • Defiant Gunnthra
        • Fjorm
        • Bubbling Fimbulthul
        • Fearsome Slid
        • Storming Hrid, Sylg, and Ylg
        • Broad Vid and Leipt
        • Freezing Gjoll
  • Muspell
    • Land of fire
    • Home of the fire-demon Black Surt
      • Brandishes a flaming sword and waits for the end of time
  • Ginnungagap
    • Void between the two worlds
frost giants
Frost Giants
  • Creation
    • When the rime from Niflheim and the warm air from Muspell collided, two beings were created
      • Ymir the frost giant
        • Was “evil from the first”
        • Fed off of the milk from Audumla
        • He gave birth to all the other frost giants
        • They called him Aurgelmir
      • Audumla the cow
        • She fed off the ice
        • Licked out a man from the ice called Buri
  • Odin
    • Grandson of Buri
    • Son of Bor and the frost giant Bestla
    • Two brothers: Vili and Ve
    • Hated Ymir and his gang of unruly, brutal frost giants
      • He and his brothers killed Ymir
      • The blood that streamed from his wounds drowned all the other frost giants except Bergelmir and his wife
shaping of the world
Shaping of the world
  • The parts of Ymir
    • Skull: The sky
      • Held up by four dwarves; North, East, South, and West
    • Flesh: The earth
      • Unbroken bones: The mountains
      • Broken bones, teeth, and jaws: Rocks, boulders, and stones
      • Blood: Lakes and the sea
      • Eyebrows: Enclosure around Jotunheim
      • Brains: Every type of cloud
  • Other elements
    • Sparks from Muspell: Stars, sun, and moon
    • An ash and elm tree: The first man (Ask) and woman (Embla)
    • Maggots: Dwarves
shaping of time
Shaping of time
  • Night and son Day
    • Placed in chariots to move over the world
    • Night’s horse: frosty-maned Hrimfaxi
    • Day’s horse: gleaming-maned Shinfaxi
  • Sun and Moon
    • Daughter and son of man named Mundilfari
    • So beautiful that Odin and brothers snatched them up and placed in sky to guide the chariots of the sun and moon
      • Moon does not travel alone but swooped down and took two children, Bil and Hjuki
      • Chased by two wolves that are sons of a giantess who lived in Iron Wood
        • Sun is chased by Skoll
        • Moon is chased by Hati
  • Asgard
    • A place for the gods of green plains and shining palaces
      • Linked to Midgard by Bifrost: A flamming rainbow bridge
      • Place where Valhalla sits
        • Hall of the slain warriors
  • Midgard
    • The world where men, dwarves, and giants live
      • Jotunheim is the land of giants that is seperated by mountains to protect mankind
  • Yggdrasill
    • Ash tree that shelters all of creation
    • Roots plunge deep into the different plains and binds them all together
  • Roots
    • Niflheim
      • Spring Hvergelmir
    • Midgard (Jotunheim)
      • Well guarded by Mimir (Head of Mimir)
        • Anyone who tastes the waters is given much wisdom
        • Odin sacrafice one eye for a drink from it
        • Heimdall left his horn next to it to sum all creatures to Ragnorok
    • Asgard
      • Well of Urd (Spring of destiny)
        • Gods hold court of justice there
        • The Three Norns (Fates)
          • Fate, Being, and Necessity
yggdrasill cont
Yggdrasill (cont.)
  • Inhabitants
    • Nidhogg
      • Lives in Niflheim ripping apart the dead
      • Chews at the root of Yggdrasill
      • Sends Ratatosk up the tree to insult the eagle sitting in the branches
    • Ratatosk
      • Squirrel that runs up and down the tree
    • Eagle in the highest branches with a hawk on its brow
    • Four stags nibble at the leaves
    • Goats eat the tender shoots
  • Condition
    • Yggdrasill is constantly attacked; starting to soften and rot