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Ojibwe creation story PowerPoint Presentation
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Ojibwe creation story

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Ojibwe creation story
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Ojibwe creation story

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  1. Ojibwecreationstory With Interpretive Movements

  2. (Red, black, white, and yellow t-shirt groups sit on heels in rows, hands on lap.) Long, long ago the Creator who gave life to us all Created the sun, … (arms up and spread wide) the moon, … (arms up, palms together to right side) and the stars. (splash fingers across the sky in an arch) Then He made the land, … (arms down and spread wide) the waters, … (both hands ripple from right to left) and the sky. (LH on hip, R arm extend up and make arch from L to R.) The Creator gave the earth animals of the sky,… (butterfly hands) the land, … (claw hands) and the waters. (palms together ~ fish hands) (Bend heads to floor) Then the Creator created people. (Slowly bring heads back up and ‘discover’ self and others around you.) Together the people lived in the garden made by the Creator. (Pantomime clean air, beautiful flowers, scenic views, pure water, etc.) They knew only joy and contentment. (Pantomime a partner game or other happy activity.)

  3. One day the Creator called the people together. (All take 2 steps FW ~ look to sky questioningly.) He told them it was time to go out into the world. It was time to leave the garden. (All look around at each other sad and puzzled.) The people did not want to go. They begged the Creator to allow them to stay forever, (On the word “begged” R: one step FW, both hands reach out from torso, B: one step back down on one knee, reach w/hands together, W:one step FW~clasp hands, Y: one step back, arms down, palms FW.) But the Creator told them that there were many secrets hidden for them in the world and they must go find them. (Slowly back to original stance, still sad, but willing to obey.) He promised the people that one day they would be called back together and they would share with each other all they had learned. The Creator sent the people in four directions. Those sent east became yellow … (wave/hug good-bye, go to spot, put on t-shirt) Those sent west became red … (same) Those sent north became white … (same) Those sent south became black … (same)

  4. All went well for a time as the people discovered the mysteries of our beautiful world. (Pantomime: Y: wind, B: water, R: land, W: fire) (Music changes) But much time passed and the people began to travel. (Begin walking to RYBW blocking) They met one another in their travels and they did not remember each other. (Look suspicious of and even angry at other colored t-shirts.) They forgot they had all come from the same garden. (walk around “stranger” in anger.) Terrible things began. There was war … (B stabs, hit w/gun – W grab stomach, down) Torture … (Y hit, stomp twice – R down in 2 beats) Slavery … (B down working ‘land’ – W exude sense of superiority then strike.) Some became very rich while others became very poor. (Y down on one knee begging – R gloat counting money then push Y aside.) (FREEZE)

  5. The Creator knew it was time to call the people back to the garden. (Begin moving in chaos, crawling, running scared, hiding, covering heads, etc.) The Voice of the Creator caused the birds to tremble, the waters to flow, the people to run for shelter. The only shelter left was the garden. (Music changes back. All are back in rows w/ mixed colors.) There, the people remembered who they were. (R-Y:pantomime recognition of those around you. They remembered they were all children of the Creator. (B-W: same) They shared with each other all they had learned … (share land, wind, fire, water) And there was a great celebration! (Arms up and twirl R, then freeze FW w/feet apart, arms/head still up.) Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye have been created. You have all come from one same substance. It is incumbent upon you to be even as one soul, To walk with the same feet, Eat with the same mouth, And dwell in the same land. The End