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Norse Creation

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Norse Creation. Mark, Eric, James, Ben, McKenna. The Story.

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norse creation

Norse Creation

Mark, Eric, James, Ben, McKenna

the story
The Story

The heat and cold from Muspell and Niflhiem met in the void to create the world. The first human, Buri, had a child, Bor. Bor had 3 children: Odin (the All-Father), Vili, and Ve. They killed Ymir, a frost ogre, and used his body to create the features of earth. Midgard is the realm of humans, and Asgard is the realm of the gods, where Odin rules. The gods are represented by a great ash tree called Yggdrasil.

the culture
The Culture

Based on our analysis of the Norse creation myth, we adjudicated that in Norse culture, the nords believe that:

  • Balance is important
  • Make the most out of death
  • Humans come from nature
  • Knowledge is valuable as it is a characteristic of the gods.
  • "Ice, frost, wind, rain, and heavy cold emanted from Nilfheim, meeting in Ginnungagap (the void) the soft air, heat and light from Muspell"
  • "From [Ymir's] skull the sons of Bor made the sky and set it over earth...the sons of Bor flung Ymir's brains into the air, and they became the clouds."
  • "While walking along the sea shore the sons of Bor found two trees, and fromt them they created a man and a woman."
art music connection
Art/ Music Connection

-Art showed powerful beings in misty settings, showed their strength and wisdom

-In the film Thor, the frost giants are shown to be the archenemies of Odin and the gods of Asgard

discussion question
Discussion Question

How are the values taught in this myth similar or different from the other creation myths we read? How do they reflect humanity in general?