a timeline of d e s i g n s h istory according to jessica perkins n.
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A Timeline of D e s i g n s ’ h istory … according to Jessica Perkins PowerPoint Presentation
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A Timeline of D e s i g n s ’ h istory … according to Jessica Perkins

A Timeline of D e s i g n s ’ h istory … according to Jessica Perkins

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A Timeline of D e s i g n s ’ h istory … according to Jessica Perkins

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  1. A Timeline of Designs’ history …according to Jessica Perkins Final project Jessica Perkins Appd 1130-01

  2. Poster Art • The bold colors and portrait of Elvis make this piece of art “visually striking”. Which brings to mind the Poster Art time period. • I took this photo at the Hard Rock Casino in St. Petersburg, Florida. • This piece of art was hanging above the escalator.

  3. Arts and crafts movement • Thrived between 1860-1910 • Directed by William Morris and inspired by John Ruskin • This chair represents to me the Arts and Crafts movement.The diamond pattern on the back of the chair, the middleof the posterior being open, and the combination of leatherand wood. • This custom work is that of in the Arts and Crafts movement. • I found this chair in a catalog; (Best Chairs)

  4. FrankLloydWright • This building is the “Christenson Humanities Building” of Florida Southern University • I briefly saw this campus over Thanksgiving break. Beautiful campus! • FLW did a building here “Child of the Sun”, though I was not able to see it on this trip. • This building shows FLW’s style with the squared windows, tall pillars, and naturalistic shape. Personally, I love this design. I love the red pillars, the mass amounts of windows, and the concrete masonry. • Location: Lakeland, Florida

  5. ArtNouveau “New Art” • Booming from 1890-1910 • Most prevalent in Europe, but its impact was universal. • The stained glass on the ceiling reminds me of the glass art done by Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York, or Charles Rennie Mackintoshs’ works in Glasgow. • This is the garden-room inside the Nemicolon Resort in Uniontown, Pa. • Extravagant resort! You would need 5 days to cover the grounds.

  6. Modern architecture • I know what you’re thinking…. This is just a trash can. Well.. I see it differently. • I see this being as far away from a “Traditional style” as we are from Mars. Which in itself, describes what Modernism entailed when it was first defined. • This trash can was on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico. I loved the square lines with just a touch of curvilinear lines and the courageous orange coloring. • This might also remind of me FLW. But I will stay on topic…

  7. Vienna Secession Founded April 3, 1897 Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser, and Josef Hoffmann are just a few of the artists representing this time period. I took this photo of a painting in a hallway in the Nemicolon resort. I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember the artist. The fact that the artist has acknowledged the womans’ breasts is what makes me think Vienna Secession. Not to mention the gold background, which was used a lot in this time periods art.

  8. The Weiner Werkstatte • Peaking from 1903-1932 • Contemporary European design • So I’m not sure if I’m off base with this picture or not… I do believe these chairs have a very contemporary style. And even a unified design, being that they are all connected. • The geometric design I believe shows the collaboration between Hoffmann an Moser. • The Weiner Werkstatte had clear aim “Make all facets of human life into one unified work of art.”

  9. The Bauhaus • School operated from 1919-1933 being shut down bythe Nazi Party. • 3 architect directors: Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer,and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. • With this geometric style and straight lines all around Ibelieve this magazine rack represents an eclectic stylethat would have been created in the Bauhaus school. • I found this magazine rack on I lost a few of the pictures I had personally taken for this movement.

  10. A r t N o u v e a u A r c h i t e c t u r e • I wasn’t able to find a picture worthy enough for Art Nouveau Architecture. • However, I did pick a favorite example of mine. This staircase is in the Grand Palais, aka “the Great Palace” located in Paris, France. • Building went underway in 1897. • The ornate hand railing and golden color with the glass pillars (you can barely see) are a good example of this time period.

  11. Charles Rennie Mackintosh & the Gaslow school • Towards the end of his career, between 1915 and 1923, Charles Rennie Mackintosh supplemented his dwindling income by designing fabrics. • He used floral motifs in many of his designs. • He also designed more abstract motifs with vibrant colors that later influenced the Art Deco period. • I chose this tie to represent his fabrics. Mackintosh used mainly roses I believe, but also used tulips, chrysanthemums, dahlias and tobacco flowers.