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Sports Marketing - Branding

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Sports Marketing - Branding. NASCAR history. Millions of fans support drivers; 72% loyalty to driver’s sponsor (brands) Sponsorship money 1970’s, R.J. Reynolds, Winston Cup. New Sponsor-Sprint/Nextel. 2004 No government restrictions—families Kiosks with new phones. Groups.

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nascar history
NASCAR history

Millions of fans support drivers; 72% loyalty to driver’s sponsor (brands)

Sponsorship money

1970’s, R.J. Reynolds, Winston Cup

new sponsor sprint nextel
New Sponsor-Sprint/Nextel


No government restrictions—families

Kiosks with new phones


In what way are NASCAR fans considered loyal?

Why did NASCAR need to find a new title sponsorship?

What market is NASCAR trying to reach? Why is this important?

what is a brand
What is a Brand?
  • Name, words, symbol or design that identifies an organization and it’s products
brand name
Brand Name
  • A word, letters, or #’s representing a brand that can be spoken.
trademark making it legal
Trademark-making it legal
  • Register with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Legally identifies ownership
brand personality
Brand Personality



Traditional, timeless

Cool, stylish

strategies for developing a good brand name
Strategies for Developing a Good Brand Name
  • Offer a Benefit
  • Be simple
    • Simple is more memorable- Nike
  • Be different and positive
    • Distinctive- Puma
  • Reflect an image
    • Say something about the product -Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions
  • Be unregistered
brand equity
Brand Equity
  • Value a brand has beyond its actual functional benefits, piece of mind
  • More popular a brand, more value it has
  • Equate the product with quality
  • Thus, consumers will pay a higher price
sports teams brand equity
Sports teams brand equity

1. Develop the brand in the consumer’s mind as a certain product:

Minnesota Twins are a pro baseball team

2. Link the product’s brand name to an emotional connection:

Twins fans think positively about the team and its players


3. Help consumers feel the way you want them to feel about your product:

Twins fans stick with their team through good and bad seasons because of the bond they have with the team

co branding
  • Using multiple brand names on a single product
  • They combine to increase customer loyalty and sales
  • They should compliment each other
  • AT & T Universal Mastercard
  • Eddie Bauer edition of the Ford Explorer
  • Coach edition of the Lexus ES series
  • Pillsbury brownies w/ Nestle chocolate
  • Braun/Oral-B Plaque Remover
  • Lays potato chips w/KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
  • Disney and Mattel
  • General Mills Caribou flavored granola bars
  • Zippo giftpack with a Leatherman tool



After brand personality Gatorade handout

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