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Welcome, Students! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, Students!

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Welcome, Students! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome, Students!
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  1. Welcome, Students! Mrs. Raby 3rd Grade

  2. Get to Know Me My experience My background I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma. I attended Adams Elementary, Longfellow Jr. High and Enid High Schools. • Graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. • I teach three and four year olds at Sunday School . • I home schooled my own children.

  3. My Family • My Husband is Walter Raby. • I have two sons and two grandchildren. • I have three dogs and one cat.

  4. Hobbies/Interests • Camping • Cooking • Learning new things

  5. Classroom Schedule This is what a typical day in our classroom looks like.

  6. 3rd grade Bring these items Bring these Items cont. 2 composition notebooks 1 pkg. wide ruled paper 1 box colored pencils 2 boxes tissue 1 baby wipes 1Clorox wipes 1qt. Size zip loc bags 2 yellow highlighters • 1 pkg. number 2 pencils • 1 pair pointed scissors • 1 box 16ct. Crayons • 3 jumbo glue sticks • 1 eraser • 1 pkg. lg. markers • 3 plastic folders (no prongs)

  7. Classroom Rules • Our classroom rules help us get along with each other: • Be respectful and responsible. • Be organized and follow directions. • Be on time. • Be prepared. • Listen. • Take turns. • Help one another. • Use your inside voice. • Try your best.

  8. DISCIPLINE PARENTS AND STUDENTS: AS YOU KNOW WE HAVE RULES TO FOLLOW AND THEIR WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES. I will be sending home a page to be signed by the parents for each day. If your child has not obeyed our class rules it will be listed on his/her paper. How you choose to correct your child is up to you. I will first put their name on the board with a mark and then the next time it will come home with a yellow mark beside discipline in the folder for you to sign. If it keeps happening they will receive a red. They may also be ask to stay in homework club and work on work during recess. Tardiness: Please call the office if your child will be late. If a child is late 4 times without calling in the office will contact the parents. If your child doesn’t do his/her homework they will stay in for homework club and do their homework. Continually having to go to club will result in me notifying the parents.

  9. Field Trips One Music appreciation. (theater) One Art appreciation. (museum) One Science connected. One History connected.

  10. Class Goals • Learn new skills • Discover new interests • Make new friends • Have fun and support each other

  11. Dear Student, I believe in you. You are important. I am here to help you grow. You are listened to. I will hold you to high expectations. You are capable. We will have fun. You will succeed. Mrs. Raby

  12. COMMUNICATION • My email: tmason00@g.uafs.edu • My phone: Message only (918)-680-0099 • Class web site: tmason3rdgrade@weebly.com

  13. You may contact me through our web site under the contact tab. Questions? The only bad question is the one not ask!

  14. Let’s Have aGreat Year!