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Clinton Middle School PowerPoint Presentation
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Clinton Middle School

Clinton Middle School

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Clinton Middle School

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  1. Clinton Middle School Involving Students in the PBS Process 2007-2009 Erin Chinworth & Melinda Gallagher

  2. Students know more about what’s really going on in the school than most faculty and staff. “School Climate is really what students do when adults aren’t around.” Dewhirst, Marla; PBIS & Student Leadership in NH: Lessons Learned; 6th International PBIS Conference; March26, 2009

  3. Year 1 Student Panel

  4. PRIDE

  5. Guidelines/Procedures for PBS Student Panel • A student panel will be implemented, giving us valuable information and insight into what it will take to move student behavior in a more positive direction. • Teams will nominate at least 5 students per grade. • Panel will be a diverse group of all races, genders, and social groups. • Discussions will be student led and monitored by adults. • Students chosen for leadership ability and positive influence on their peers. • Panel will meet once a week in the library, rotating class periods.

  6. January 2008 First brainstorming session Issues within our control • More respect for all (5 times): kid to teacher; teacher to kid; and kid to kid • Kinder to teachers • More teaching • More listening • Teachers should be harder on students because too many kids skipping and not getting caught • Make academics more challenging

  7. Funny and Probably Not Possible • Tony Romo come speak to the football team. • Go to sleep more. • Be rewarded for giving hugs to 10 teachers. • Change dress code • Longer lunch • Start school day later

  8. Possible Actions/Rewards • More computer time • Have a study hall • Have something to do after lunch • Attendance contest • Hallway patrols (2 times) • Field trip once a month for students with good behavior and stay in dress code (2 times) • Have home rooms where we can get info and do extra work that needs to be finished (2 times) • Spelling Bee (2 times) • Free dress days

  9. Quickly Implementing Student’s Ideas • Based on the student panel response, the PBS panel decided that our previous incentive was not a strong motivator. • Dress Code was a very personal issue to all students according to the student panel. • It was decided by the panel that making our good behavior incentive about dress code might be more effective.

  10. GOAL of Free Dress Friday • Our goal is to reward good and positive behavior, while promoting procedures and PRIDE. We want to spread it out as much as possible, rewarding the kids that always seem to do the right thing, as well as those who normally have challenging behavior, but choose to do right at the given time.

  11. Brainstorming Ideas for the Year • Based on the brainstorming, students decided at the 2nd meeting that RESPECT was something that they needed to promote in their school. • The students answered the following questions: • What does respect look like? • How can we ALL better show respect at Clinton Middle School?

  12. What does respect look like? • Being nice • Manners • Being cooperative • Helping other people • Body language • Being responsible • Being polite when you enter the room • Respect others, using sorry, please, excuse me, yes sir, no sir, and thank you • Treat others like you want to be treated • Always listening and not talking while they are talking • Following the rules • Being quiet • Good Behavior • Paying attention

  13. No sagging No violent fights Having good attitudes No put downs Doing your best Be more polite Pay more attention in class Respect the school and school property Listen to the speaker Shake someone’s hand Showing a new kid around Look at the person who is talking Put up posters about respect No yelling Better attitude Tone of voice Doing your work Keep rude thoughts to yourself Keep hands to yourself How can we ALL better show respect at Clinton Middle School?

  14. Moving from Brainstorming to Action • After brainstorming activities to promote respect, they shared their lists and briefly discussed their ideas. • They voted on which activity they wanted to work on to promote respect. Teacher Appreciation was the overwhelming choice: 14 to 2. • The students were instructed to think about some things we could do as a team, and what we might do to promote a teacher appreciation day throughout the school.

  15. Plan for Action • The students voted on having Teacher Appreciation the week before Spring Break. One student said that they wanted the teachers to leave for Spring Break happy. It was suggested and agreed upon to have one activity a day (week of March 10-14). • We asked them what things they could do to promote the week and get participation from their peers. They came up with several ideas: • make posters • make announcements on the Morning show • Talk and encourage their friends and classmates • Write notes to teachers • Use Smiley stickers to promote positive attitudes • Sell something in front of the cafeteria…like shamrocks with notes to send to friends and teachers.

  16. Making Morning Announcements

  17. Fliers Several students learned Microsoft Publisher to make fliers. To: Our Loving Teachers Thank you for helping us prepare for great times and for all your love and support. From: the P.B.S. Students To: Our Loving Teachers Thank you for helping us prepare for great times and for all your love and support. From: the P.B.S. Students Teacher Appreciation Week March 10 to 14 Teacher Appreciation Week March 10 to 14

  18. Teacher Appreciation

  19. Teacher Memento Clinton Teachers Are Appreciated HERE’S A MEMENTO FOR YOU Love, PBS student panel

  20. Thank You From Mrs. Massey Dear PBS Student Panel:             Thank you for the posters, the announcements, and the cards for Teacher Appreciation.  We would do what we do in education because we love students and we love helping them learn.  We would (and often do) continue to do those things even without recognition … but the recognition and the appreciation is a real encouragement to us.  Thank you, again, for the efforts each of you contributed (writing and reading announcements, making posters, making and delivering cards) to making this week such a successful one. Mrs. Massey – Reading Enrichment

  21. After Spring Break • The teachers had earlier identified apathy of students as one of the main problems that we are facing. • Mr. Autry asked that the students look at ways to motivate other students during testing. They brainstormed things they could do to promote positive behavior and encourage them to do their best. • Stamp or sticker reminder: in cafeteria • Posters • Morning announcements • Flyers • Skits • Talk it up to friends • Form study groups • Have giveaways: • stickers • mints • pencils

  22. Test Preparation

  23. Using Publisher for Flyers

  24. Test Prep

  25. FINAL WEEKS • Administrative Assistant’s Day: April 23. Students made cards for our secretaries. • National Teacher Appreciation week is the week of May 5th. The PTA asked the student panel to decorate the teachers lounge when they provide donuts and juice. The students are also going to make more banners. • 5th grade visits are going to be the week of May 12th. The panel is going to make signs to welcome each feeder school. They will be involved in greeting next years 6th graders and joining them in an assembly in the auditorium and help guide them on a tour.

  26. National Teacher Appreciation

  27. Students made candy grams to give to their teachers.

  28. Mrs. Burris Best Science Teacher

  29. Thank You Ricardos for the Chips and Salsa!!! Your donation helped us honor our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week! Love, Clinton Middle School Students

  30. Thank You from Adult PBS Panel to Student PBS Panel • Twice during the semester the student panel was given a party during their weekly meeting. • Students had an ice cream sundae party and a chip, salsa, and soda party. • It was important that the student panel felt appreciated for their hard work!

  31. Communication from Students to Staff • Student Panel was always included on the agenda for PBS Panel meetings. • Mr. Autry, our principal, frequently communicated Student Panel progress at staff meetings. • Notes from student panel meetings were emailed to PBS Panel members and all faculty (if necessary). • “Good Morning Clinton” was utilized when possible to communicate meetings and activities of student panel.

  32. End of Year Debriefing Brainstorming Successes and Concerns for next year.

  33. Summary of Year 1 • High points included free dress, sports, band, testing, and teacher appreciation. • Low points included skipping, tardies, dress code, foul language, attitudes, and fights. • Definite lack of consistency in teachers and staff explaining and enforcing guidelines and procedures. • Students enjoy free dress and parties as rewards for good behavior. • Students feel safety at Clinton needs to be improved.

  34. What were some improvements that could be made to PBS student panel in the second year? • Do more activities for school-wide participation • Get more people that care about the school • Do more things – a wider variety of things • Get started earlier • More than one time a week • Having more activities • Bigger areas to work: more events to discuss • Make improvements on more things • Have their own room • Encourage more people • Try to get more people to come

  35. Incorporating Student Panel Feedback into School-wide Procedures • Our PBS team used the student panel’s feedback from the debriefing survey to evaluate and improve our school-wide procedures. • We felt it was important to convey to the students that their voices were heard, and that the school faculty attempted to incorporate their ideas as much as possible.

  36. Plan for Year 2 • Implement Student Panel early in the school year. • Same criteria will be used for selection of participants. • Three or four of last year’s 7th graders will be asked to help facilitate group as 8th grade leaders. • Student panel will be utilized to teach school-wide procedures at the beginning of 2008-2009 school year.

  37. Year 2 • Student panel started meeting in September • Group was led by 8th graders returning from last year’s panel • Teachers nominated students who they felt would be positive leaders in their grade based on the first month of school

  38. 1st Meeting • Told them why they were there and how they were chosen • Explained PBS and PRIDE • Showed them PowerPoint slides of last year’s student panel • Student Contract • Team building exercise

  39. 2nd Meeting Students were given index cards and asked to answer the following questions: • What are the high points (successes) so far this year at CMS? • What are the low points (problems) so far this school year at CMS? • Do you feel that rules and expectations have been clearly explained by teachers and staff throughout the year? Explain. • What type of rewards or recognitions would students like to receive for good behavior, being to class on time, being in dress code, etc.? Students divided up into grade levels to discuss their responses. We compared their responses to last year’s debriefing

  40. Year 2 Brainstorming • High points: more students following dress code, students enjoy free dress days • Low points: fighting, disrespect, and skipping • Students felt that teachers had explained rules and expectations clearly at this point • Free dress, parties, candy, and field trips were most often mentioned as incentives students wanted • Fighting and bullying were the issues mentioned the most by the panel

  41. Telephone • Students participated in a game of “telephone.” Mrs. Gallagher began the game by whispering a “rumor” to Mrs. Chinworth. Mrs. Chinworth repeated the rumor to the student next to her, who did the same. The rumor traveled around the room. The last person stated it out loud to the group. • The rumor started as, “I heard Mr. Autry was going to fight Ms. Pena, because she disrespected his wife.” The group processed how the message evolved to the following statements: “Mr. Autry and Ms. Pena are white.” to “Mr. Tucker and Ms. Pena are white.” and to “Mr. Tucker and Ms. Pena on a bike.” It was explained to the group how when rumors spread the message becomes distorted. We challenged the group to be leaders in the school and to discourage the spread of rumors.

  42. Bullying/Fighting Resolutions • Don’t continue rumors • No more attitude • Don’t use negative words • Don’t make fun of people • Tell counselor or someone that someone is bullying you • Not taking advantage of people • No hornets • No talking back • No lying or snitching • No chest boxing • No judging (2) • Work together • Go straight to class – don’t hang out in the hall

  43. Bullying/Fight Staff Facilitated Actions • More detentions • Community Service around school or at Reed Park • Cleaning tables in cafeteria/clean bathrooms • Write definitions of hard words out of dictionary • Listen to classical music • More consequences • More assemblies • Anger Management classes • Punching bags/dummies

  44. Bullying/Fighting Student Panel Actions • Posters to prevent absences and tardies • Poetry to comfort and soothe stress • Draw pictures to promote kids behaving and going to class on time • Have to sit together at lunch and get to know each other better by asking questions (2) • Hang up posters on fighting/bullying • Announcement on “Good Morning Clinton” • Prizes for good kids

  45. Lets make this school better!Quit the fighting and abusive language TODAY!!!!Make this school SAFE!!!!