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North and South Chapter 14

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North and South Chapter 14. Text. Bell Ringer Use the timeline and map on 406-407. What effects did the cotton gin have? Who patented the telegraph? Name three industries in the North. What were some of the major agricultural products in the South?. Bell Ringer. Turn to page 420.

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bell ringer use the timeline and map on 406 407

Bell RingerUse the timeline and map on 406-407.

What effects did the cotton gin have?

Who patented the telegraph?

Name three industries in the North.

What were some of the major agricultural products in the South?

bell ringer

Bell Ringer

Turn to page 420.

Look at the Cotton Production and Slavery graphs.

Answer the “Graph Skills” questions.

new inventions

Cause: Elias Howe patented the sewing machine.

Effect: Workers could produce clothing much faster.

Cause: John Deere developed the light-weight steel plow.

Effect: Faster moving horses could pull the plow.

New Inventions

new inventions1

Cause: Samuel F. B. Morse patented the telegraph.

Effect: News could travel to different parts of the country in a few minutes.

Cause: An English family developed the steam- powered locomotive.

Effect: The locomotive could travel at thirty miles per hour.

New Inventions

new inventions and the northern economy

Cause: By the 1850s, the North had thousands of miles of railroad track.

Effect: Railroads connected far off places and increased commerce in the US.

Cause: American clipper ships were developed in the 1840s.

Effect: The United States’ international commerce increased.

New Inventions and the Northern Economy

new inventions and the northern economy1

Cause: Northern factories began using steam power instead of water power.

Effect: Factories could be built anywhere.

Effect (2): The new machines lowered production costs.

New Inventions and the Northern Economy

Turn to page 425.

Look at the Southern Society in 1860 chart.

Answer the questions under “Graphic Organizer Skills.”

Bell Ringer for Monday

turn to page 440 read an american profile frederick douglass answer the question with the reading
Turn to page 440.

Read An American Profile- Frederick Douglass.

Answer the question with the reading.

Bell Ringer for Tuesday


Immigrants moved to the US from

England, Ireland, and Germany

Nativists wanted to preserve the US for native born, white citizens


Thought immigrants “stole” lower paying jobs and created more crimes

Distrusted Irish Catholics

The Know-Nothing Party formed to oppose Catholics and immigrants



Hospital and Prison Reforms

Men, women, and children were crammed together

Debtors were kept in prison

Dorothea Dix called for reforms:

The mentally ill were put in hospitals

New prisons built

Cruel punishments banned

Debtors not treated as criminals



Alcohol was available in many places

Women led the way in reforms

Some groups urged people to drink less

Some states banned the sale of alcohol


Education Reforms

MA was the first state with free public education

States built new schools and made school year longer

By the 1850s, most northern states had free elementary schools

Some African Americans founded schools for themselves

Some people opened schools for students with disabilities



Quakers taught that slavery was evil

Abolitionists wanted to end slavery

Frederick Douglass-escaped slavery and founded an anti-slavery newspaper=North Star

William Lloyd Garrison-white abolitionist who published an influential paper=The Liberator


Bell Ringer for Wednesday

Identify the following:

John Deere

Eli Whitney

Know-Nothing Party

Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison


The Underground Railroad

  • Network of routes, homes, and churches used to help slaves escape to the North
  • Harriet Tubman-escaped slave who helped more than 300 slaves escape