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Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media Final Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media Final Review

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Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media Final Review
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Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media Final Review

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  1. Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media Final Review Cindy Royal, Ph.D Associate Professor Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication

  2. Exam Review • This review is not meant to give you any answers but to point you in the direction of how you should prepare for the exam. • You’ll need to review all chapters, presentations and other readings. • I leave on the morning of Aug. 7, so be sure to get any questions about your blog posts answered in advance of the final. • Blog posts are due by midnight on Aug. 7.

  3. Exam Details • Tuesday, Aug. 6, in class at 2pm. You will have the entire class period to complete, but is likely to take 30 minutes or less. • I will provide scantrons. Bring a pencil. • The exam has 50 questions. Multiple Choice/TF. There is one short answer question for extra credit. • About 25% of the exam will cover comprehensive items from throughout the session. 75% will cover new since midterm. • You will not be allowed to use any outside resources during the exam. You will be asked to put away books, notes, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.

  4. Chapters • Since the midterm, we have covered chapters 7-11 in Journalism Next. • Know any key terms • Re-read every chapter • Review the powerpoints that are all linked on the Outline of the course site. • If we discussed it in class, it is likely to show up on the exam.

  5. Additional Presentations • I did a few additional presentations. You should be familiar with these concepts • Online Business Models and Personal Branding • Music Sharing • Trends in Advertising and PR

  6. Videos • We watched several videos • Vaynerchuk – Legacy is Greater Than Currency • Remix Manifesto • Amanda Palmer TED Talk • Sheryl Sandberg TED Talk • Marissa Mayer on CNN • Evan Smith of Texas Tribune • Net Neutrality videos • They are all linked on the Outline if you need to review

  7. Videos You will not need to know very detailed items, but you should have some recollection of the things we discussed, major players, major events.

  8. Other Links • We had several examples of multimedia and data journalism that we reviewed in class. Know the significance of each. • Know the general concepts behind The Long Tail and Free (mostly covered in the Business Models prez) • Review the Music Sharing links (mostly covered in the Music Sharing prez) • We had links on Video Games and Social Issues in Online Media. Know the main concepts of each. We discussed in class. • You had some articles under Resources on TRACS, by me, Vaynerchuk and Briggs. Know the main concepts. • You looked at several future trends articles. Be prepared for their major points. • Pew Reports – if it was an important detail, we probably discussed and it is probably in a presentation.

  9. News If you have read and commented on each news item then you should be familiar with any of the overall issues we discussed so far.

  10. In general • You should know about important people, companies, events, concepts: • Heads of all the major companies we have discussed, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… • Role of data journalism • Interesting players in music; implications for music industry • Implications in an Ad or PR career • People with ideas about the future • Significance of net neutrality

  11. Basically, If you have been: • Keeping up with the reading • Attending class and engaging in discussion • Watching all assigned videos • Engaging in news discussion You should ace it! If you have a burning question, you can ask on the Facebook group or email me Otherwise, we can discuss in class on Mon. I will review a few things in class on Mon. that may show up on the exam.