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Review for Final Exam PowerPoint Presentation
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Review for Final Exam

Review for Final Exam

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Review for Final Exam

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  1. Review for Final Exam

  2. The most noted king of the Mali was:

  3. The longest lasting of the sub-khanates after the breakup of the Mongol empire was:

  4. What city was referred to by its ruler as “The Third Rome”

  5. Spain was created by the unification of what two kingdoms?

  6. During the “Babylonian Captivity,” the seat of the papacy was moved from Rome to:

  7. The Father of Renaissance Art is:

  8. First Great Master of Renaissance Sculpture:

  9. The War of the Roses was a civil war in:

  10. The First English King to claim both the English and French Throne was

  11. What were the three phases of the Hundred Years War?

  12. The Lollards were followers of:

  13. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to an invasion from:

  14. Who was the Father of Humanism?

  15. The Divine Comedy was written by

  16. The most famous of the Northern Humanists was:

  17. The first Tsar of Russia was:

  18. The Family that traditionally controlled Austria, and in turn the Holy Roman Empire was:

  19. The Caravel was developed by:

  20. West African trade focused on ________, __________, and _________

  21. Which of these battles resulted in a French victory? Crecy, Orleans, Agincourt, or Poitiers?

  22. Symptoms of the Black death first appear in what country?

  23. The Great Schism was finally ended by:

  24. What nations signed the Treaty of Tordesillas?

  25. Machiavelli argues that the ends justify the means in the book:

  26. Landgrave Philip of Hesse tried to unite which two reformation leaders?

  27. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, was also known as

  28. The Incas were conquered by:

  29. The first squadron of ships to circumnavigate the globe were originally led by:

  30. The 95 Theses were proposed by:

  31. An Indulgence is:

  32. Ulrich Zwingli led the Protestant Reformation in:

  33. The Catholic Counter-Reformation was responsible for:

  34. England officially separated from the Catholic Church with the:

  35. The Peace of Augsburg ended the struggle between Charles V and:

  36. The oldest still active diplomatic agreement is:

  37. The farthest Mongol advance into Europe was the city of:

  38. The Mongol Tribes were first united by:

  39. The Aztec Capital was:

  40. True/False • Chinampas were used by the Inca. • The Turning point of the Hundred Year War the arrival of Joan of Arc • Roughly Half of Europe’s population is believed to have died during the Black Death. • The fall of the Byzantine Empire and the End of the Hundred Years War signal the end of the Middle Ages. • Movable Type was developed by Johann Gutenberg. • The Medici’s were a powerful German family. • The primary goal of Spanish colonization was precious metals. • Alexander VI (Borgia) is considered the church’s most corrupt Pope. • The Institutes of the Christian Faith was written by Ulrich Zwingli. • The Marburg Colloquy tried to bring Luther and Calvin’s reformation together.

  41. What was the Edict of Nantes?

  42. The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre was directed against:

  43. The Battle of Lepanto was fought between:

  44. The leader of the rebellion against Spain in the Netherlands was:

  45. Which English King was executed by parliament?

  46. The first English attempt at colonization was:

  47. Leviathan was written by:

  48. Oliver Cromwell’s constitution was called the:

  49. What was the Act of Settlement?

  50. The system of Intendants was developed by: