gifted hands by ben carson
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Gifted hands by Ben Carson

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Gifted hands by Ben Carson. Jessika Luttrall Core 2 10/15/08 . Ben Carson years * child hood 1*.

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gifted hands by ben carson

Gifted handsbyBen Carson

Jessika Luttrall

Core 2


ben carson years child hood 1
Ben Carson years * child hood 1*

Ben Carson grew up for the first part of his child hood in Detroit he hadone brother his name is Curtis .he lived with his mom dad until one day Ben came home and his mom said “your dad has to leave he did very bad things” his dad had a double life with other wife and kids. Then tomes got hard because there dad would pay child support so money was tight . So his mom worked 2 jobs now. They could not pay for the house so they had to go live with relatives

ben carson child hood 2
Ben Carson *child hood 2*

He went to a new school where he was the dubbed by the other student as the most stupid kid in the class.His mother believed in him all ways she taught him respect ,multiplication , and that if he put his ,mind to it he could do any thing. when the class hade the health tests when came to the eye exam he was all most legally blind. so he got some glasses now he can read what is on the and in the books and his grades sky rocketed and he became the smartest kid in the class.

ban carson early years high school 1
Ban Carson early years *high school 1*

when he went to high school he was really smart but he had a terrible temper. He almost killed his friend over a radio but his belt buckle saved him. He never let people get to him after that. He was very smart he was almost smartest kid in school then his mom told him they had enough money to move back He one an award for being so smart but the teacher had a talk with the white students how they should do better and how they shouldn’t be the smartest in the class . But when he moved he got in to trouble and he wanted all the best clothes and stuff of that sort he also had anger isles which he dealt with and got past latter on in life

ben carson early years high school 2
Ben Carson early years *high school 2*
  • He went to rotc like m his brother but he started late which meanthe would be there only five semesters instead of six which meant he would have to work extra hard with the clothes issue he had to ware his uniform two days a week so that issue was resolved I a years time he reached the highest rank a student could earn latent corneal He was so good a general came and tried to give him job but he said that he was going to try to be a doctor
college time
College time!!!!!

bens mom gave him ten dollars to apply for one school , he choose Yale and he was excepted very quickly. He had beautiful dorm all to him self to him self because of his stature which normally three to four students housed in the dorm ,he thought he would stand out in collage but he was sadly mistaken many ( if not most of them were smart as or smarter than him. he was failing in chemistry for a while but he learned at the end of the semester that there will be a test that if you had failing grades this semester if you got an excellent grade they would throw thoughts grades out the window (hypothetically speaking) . Ben that night prayed and told god and said he was sorry for failing but ben had a strange dream he was in class and the test

college time 2
College time ! 2

he met a girl named Candy , and he fell in lovewith her real name is Lancana Rusten ,she was really smart she made all As and was first chair violin he want on a tripe with Candy they got in a car accident because Ben fell asleep while driving but every one (Ben and Candy) and every one was fine. Then Candy woke up but Ben told her just to go back to sleep . (At the college he learned how to be a doctor and that is needed)

college time 3
College time 3

during the summer he had many jobs he worked for a trash pick up crew got them to pick up 12 fold by motivating them . He said that if they got there ay 7:00 am and at finished noon they would be finished be for it got hot. His unit had the most effective strategy , picked up the most trash , and worked the hardest . Some people asked him and his success he just said he did it his way .and he delivered mail for company for a while and took the mail all over the city for a business , he could not afford much but his only wish was to be able to pay the bus fair so he could go to church . Then he found a 10 dollar bill in front of the grounds of the church, there was a teat with unbelievable hard problems on them most(if not all the people left ) he was only one left because he never gave up (the professor said it was a hoax and gave him a10 dollar bill)

collage time 4
Collage time 4

he watched the other neurosurgeons probe for the Forman ovalwhen Ben got a idea the could use magnets to find it by lining them up on the front and one on the back once they are alined you have found the Forman oval , he out shined all the other interns , and had the most knowledge,he got new classes in nerosurgery and done brain surgery for the first time which some people got upset

ben carson goes to australia
Ben Carson goes to Australia

One ofBen's colleges told him about Australia and about how good it is over there and how it has good hospitals and it is not raciest.. At first he re said no but after a while e gave that idea a chance .he goes there and the locals and him got a along really well and when they herd Candy was pregnant they brought her baby gifts they went out to dinner with almost everybody in town.and he preformed lots of surgeries

ben carson moves back
Ben Carson moves back

When Ben came back from Australia there was a man trying to get Ben to work for his hospital. The man owned a all black hospital and tried to sway Ben to work for him because he think he would do good for the black people But Ben said he wanted to help all people and to work at john Hopkins .the man tried to say that hospital was raciest . But he got a job there and got promoted at first the people turned him down either because of his age or his race maybe a little of both he mostly had trouble with the elderly black people because they thought the job was just given to Ben as a token but after awhile things got better ,

One time Ben was walking to get his green scrubs a nurse asked him if he was one of the new interns when he was a doctor after she realized that he was a doctor she immediately apologized . He let her off the hook for her mistake because the black people on this floor were mostly orderlies. Most of the white patient did not want a a black young male as there doctor ,some protested to Dr. Long about him(even though he was a good doctor). But doctor long said they could leave but if they stayed doctor Carson would be their doctor.

He switched from general surgery to nerosurgery in his studies. They were studying about brain tumors and how to grow them. They tried to test on monkeys , dogs and mice. The only one that was consistent was the rodents but they were too small to perform surgery on. Eventually they found a good animal to test on was the new Zealand white rabbit. Six months latter they had a working tumor model.


there was a couple who brought in there little girl to Ben Carson's office , in hope for there daughter Miranda , who since 18 months of age has had secures and they were very consistent almost 100 times a day almost three times a minute. Ben Carson was the first person to say he could help Miranda's condition. Ben Carson told her parents about all the risk and precautions of Miranda's surgery. But her parents said any thing to help. What Miranda surgery was called hemisphererectomy which means it takes out half of your brain. With out this surgery Miranda would slowly get worse and die. But because of the brains elasticity she survives the surgery with only a slight limp on her left leg because it took out her right hemisphere of her brain.

mirada and jennifer
Mirada and Jennifer

Ben Carson talked about little Miranda's pain staking surgery and how it was a ground breaking surgical procedure. Also how her hemispherectomy was difficult and dangerous, and that it took hours to work with. The surgery went smoothly and she lived. Her first words upon awakening were I love you Mommy and Daddy. Ben Carson didn't go on any talk shows cause he thinks it would do more harm than good(he thought it would make the other doctors jealous). He talks about Miranda was was doing well with half a brain. She made a full recovery. He had done many hemispherectomy thirty in fact only one died. Her name was Jennifer( her seizers started with in days after her birth) her initial surgery was at five months. The surgery went smoothly was one of his shortest surgery . So he went home it was a thirty five minute drive after her left she starts having more seizures and she bled to death in surgery. They called him he was heartbroken. Jennifer's death was a mystery there was no signs of problems in surgery and no evidence why she died.

little beth
Little Beth

One of Carson's patents was Beth she fell off a swing then she started having seizers. So they went to Ben Carson and had hemispherectomy and she lived. After the surgery she was comatose(in a coma) she woke at two am and her first word was Daddy my nose itches. Another one of Bens patients was thirteen year old Denise Baca she was epilepticus (she was seizing constantly). She had to under go a tracheotomy, she is now paralyzed on one side and had not spoken for months. People thought she would die in surgery so Denise prepared Ben for the steps ahead.

bobo valentine
Bobo valentine

There was a three year old child named Bobo Valentine she was hit by good humor truck(Ice cream truck) she had gone into surgery and four days latter she was all better. Ben Carson and a similar patient named Charles he had been hit by a car and he was in worse shape. After eight days he seemed just fine. Another patient was Daniel she was born with a tumor he had done a pain staking surgery and he saved her.

creg and susan
Creg and Susan

There was a boy named named Creg who had a disease the gave him many brain tumors and tumors of the retina. He had tumors for a long time when Ben came and the boy will be on medication for the rest of his life. But he will still have tumors the rest of life. Even though they take them out there will be more coming which will have to be monitored

Susan Warwick had a brain tumor and caused a lot of brain damage . But now she had surgery and now it is all better.

separating twins
Separating twins

There was a woman and she was having Siamese twins (which the babies was connected to one another) in the babies case the were connecting at the converging veins(at the back of the head) it was a twenty two hour surgery it was painstaking and they kept running out of blood that made things difficult.

separating twins 2
Separating twins2

Ben Carson prayed for the recovery of the babies the surgery ended at five fifteen am on Sunday morning.

candy s new baby
Candy’s new baby

Candy gave birth to another son(She gave birth to him in her house). After she gave birth to the baby the paramedics arrived. Ben Carson was a busy man he often worked one hundred to one hundred and twenty hours a week. He felt bad about no seeing his family much so he left work early(seven pm instead of eleven pm).

think big
Think big

Him and his wife(Candy) both share a dream, a dream to see a national scholarship set up for young people that have academic talent but no money. They want to help them be all they can be. Ben Carson believes children and teens need guidance because they're naive and need to be taught about what goes into a job, if they don’t understand they might find out how bad not well paying a job really is. Children and other people send him letters about how his story gives them hope. Ben really likes these letters they made him feel good. There was a high school that started the Ben Carson Club. To be a member you could only watch three TV programs a week and read two books a week. Ben believes if you follow your dreams and believe in your hart you can do anything.

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