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Ben Carson

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Ben Carson. By Stephanie Cannon. Ben Carson.

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Ben Carson

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    1. Ben Carson By Stephanie Cannon

    2. Ben Carson • Dr. Benjamin Carson,one of the world's most gifted surgeons was born in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating with honors from high school, he attended Yale University where he earned a degree in Psychology. From Yale he went to the Medical School of the University of Michigan, where his interest shifted from psychology to neurosurgery. After medical school he became a neurosurgery resident at the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. At the age of 32, he became the hospital's Director of Pediatric

    3. Ben Carson • In addition to his surgical duties, Carson finds time at least twice a month to address groups of junior high school and high school students who visit the hospital. Carson has written two books Gifted Hands and Think Big

    4. Ben Carson • In 1987, Carson made medical history with an operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins. The Binder twins were born joined at the back of the head. Operations to separate twins joined in this way had always failed, resulting in the death of one or both of the infants. Carson agreed to undertake the operation. A 70-member surgical team, led by Dr. Carson, worked for 22 hours. At the end, the twins were successfully separated and can now survive independently.

    5. How Ben Carson inspirer me : Ben Carson inspire me because when dad left he did not give his mom a lot of trouble but one thing thing it was a stout temper but he give it up to the lord .. Ben Carson inspirer me because when his mom said that he can make it when he was at the bottom of his class. She didn’t give up on him so that made him to believe in his self that he can make it and he was at the top of the class. Ben Carson inspirer me because he didn’t give up when like paginates people didn’t want him because :

    6. How Ben Carson inspirer me of the color of his skin. Like he said one time “It inevitable that a few white patients didn’t want a black doctor and they protested to Dr Long.” He inspirer me go on when thing get tuff in when you fill like given up.

    7. The End • So Believe in you self that you can make • Believe that I am special in your way • Because I can do all thing thought Christ that strengten me

    8. The End • This was Stephanie Cannon • A.K.A • BOOM BOOM