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Unit 1 40% of GCSE 2 hours PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 40% of GCSE 2 hours

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Unit 1 40% of GCSE 2 hours - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The GCSE course is split into a coursework (unit 2) and an exam (unit 1) that encompasses all the areas of AQA Graphic Products. Unit 1 40% of GCSE 2 hours. Unit 2 60% of GCSE 45 hours. A3 Border Template

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The GCSE course is split into acoursework (unit 2) and an exam (unit 1)that encompasses all the areas of AQA Graphic Products.

Unit 1

40% of GCSE

2 hours

Unit 2

60% of GCSE

45 hours


A3 Border Template

For your coursework you will need to create an A3 template with a border and with your unique identity in the bottom right hand corner (i.e. your name/symbol/initials, etc.) You will use this template every time you start a new page of your coursework. This will give your coursework continuity and an identity.

Your border and unique identity must be in black.

Homework: Create an A3 document on PowerPoint and create your own boarder template.




Analysis of the Brief

For this section of the coursework you need to analyse your chosen design brief.

You will do this in 4 stages:

Introduction – copy down the context and design task.

Design Brief – A more detailed description of what you will design and make to suit your chosen brief.

Mind Map – Your chosen product will be in the centre and around it will be information and ideas that we related to your chosen of selection of products (cards/book)

Analysing the Brief – the design brief you have chosen will influence particular limitations and considerations that you will need to detail on this first page. Use 2 headings (limitations and considerations) and under each, bullet point your ideas.



Many books and greeting cards that contain movement are to be found in shops.

Design Task

Design and make EITHER a book OR a series of at least four greeting cards containing

kinetic spreads. The book should be approx. A5 size, either in landscape or portrait format.

The greeting cards should be packaged and ready for sale with envelopes of an appropriate


Wedding invites





Could there be multiple choice answers?

Think of ACCESS FM…

What colours do you like to see on birthday cards?

How old are you?

How much do you roughly spend on a book?

Do you buy recycled paper?

What size card do you normally buy?

Have you ever bought a moving/pop out card? Why?

Do you prefer soft covered book?

Choose 10 questions that are relevant to YOUR product.

Make your questionnaire on an A4 Word Document.


Get 10 people to fill out your questionnaire.

Make sure you’re asking the right kind of people… Go for friends/family who are likely to buy your product to give an accurate result.

Due: Tuesday 23rd September.