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SOC meeting Emergency Management Update PowerPoint Presentation
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SOC meeting Emergency Management Update

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SOC meeting Emergency Management Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOC meeting Emergency Management Update. October 20, 2009. Infection Control Program. Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza update Dr. Ira Friedman, Director Vaden Health Center. Emergency Management. The process of emergency management typically has four phases that create a continuous cycle.

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SOC meeting Emergency Management Update

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infection control program
Infection Control Program
  • Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza update
    • Dr. Ira Friedman, Director Vaden Health Center
emergency management
Emergency Management

The process of emergency management typically has four phases that create a continuous cycle.






Event or



Stanford’s Preparedness and Response Philosophy

Use an all-hazards approach to emergency planning

Guiding Principles

Protect life safety

Secure critical infrastructure and facilities

Resume teaching and research program

Written Emergency Response and Contingency Plans

Campus level

Cabinet level

Department (local level planning)

Stanford Emergency




And CampusResponse



and Local

Response Plans





Dept/local LifeSafety Plans

  • Mailing lists
  • GETS Cards
  • Campus emergency radio program
  • AlertSU
  • AlertSU OWS
soc email lists
SOC email lists
  • Used for sending information for limited distribution to SOC members
    • Under your control
    • You populate and maintain the list
    • You can use the list
    • So can we!
government emergency telecommunications system
Government Emergency Telecommunications System
  • GETS
    • Provides priority service to the phone system during times of limited access
    • Each SOC has 2 GETS cards
    • Practice using the card
    • Don’t abuse the card. I’ll know.
emergency radios
Emergency Radios
  • Located in each SOC
  • Tested monthly
  • Property of Public Safety
    • Responsibility of local group
    • Maintain radio and keep charged
    • Have radio available for use at any time
fall alertsu test
Fall AlertSU test
  • System tested twice per year
    • Mass notification system
    • Outdoor Warning System
    • Emergency Website
    • Emergency hotline
    • KZSU
    • Campus Cable TV
    • Facebook/Twitter
test protocol
Test Protocol
  • Staff/faculty
    • Standard delivery to all points of contact
      • Listed in StanfordYou
  • Student test
    • Engage polling feature requesting feedback on delivery time
current initiatives
Current Initiatives

Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant

Four major areas of focus (18-24 months)

Overall campus emergency planning

Risk Assessment, plan updates & enhancement, SCERT, Non-structural hazard mitigation

Training & Leadership Development in Emergency Management

Advanced emergency management training for campus leadership and staff

Emergency Medical Response Preparedness

Medical response and infectious disease planning

Campus Threat Assessment Programs

Educational programs, risk assessment and intervention programs and exercises

emhe grant
EMHE Grant
  • Project 2: Leadership Development
    • Must demonstrate a 50% increase of course completions of specific ICS classes over the course of the grant
      • ICS-100.HE: Introduction to the Incident Command System for Higher Education (online)
      • ICS-200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (online)
      • ICS-300: Intermediate ICS (classroom)
      • ICS-400: Advanced ICS (classroom)
      • ICS-700: NIMS, An Introduction (online)
      • ICS-800.B: National Response Framework, AnIntroduction (online)
emhe grant18
EMHE Grant
  • Training Documentation
    • FEMA will send an email receipt and certificate to the trainee
    • EH&S will set up Items/Activities in STARS
    • Forward a copy of the confirmation to EH&S and we will load the record into STARS
    • For historical records, we will deliver a worksheet to SOCs requesting specific data so that the records can be loaded on your behalf.
current initiatives19
Current Initiatives

Business Continuity Planning

Excel based templates to be available to departments starting Jan 2010

Training seminars to be conducted by EH&S on a regular schedule to assist programs with effective business continuity plan development

Expansion of on-site emergency generator fuel supply

Enhancement of emergency power capability to some dining facilities

Personal Emergency Preparedness Classes

EHS-5090, sign up in STARS

nshm program
NSHM Program
  • Non-structural Hazard Mitigation Program
    • Interruption in development over the summer
    • Data being loaded to the system now
    • Quick preview (NSHM site)
business continuity planning
Business Continuity Planning
  • Continuity planning concepts
    • Plans are most effective at the local level
    • Training provided by EH&S starting Jan.
    • Requires a cross-functional team to develop a comprehensive plan
    • Process will require several sessions
    • Preview of tool