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Emergency Management Update to Administrative Services Council PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Management Update to Administrative Services Council

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Emergency Management Update to Administrative Services Council
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Emergency Management Update to Administrative Services Council

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  1. Emergency Management Update to Administrative Services Council Kristine Elderkin Emergency Management Coordinator Nov 18, 2010

  2. Reporting an Emergency • In case of fire, pull a fire alarm • In all other cases, contact Campus Police Dispatch by: • Dialing 222 from a campus phone • Dialing 223-7999 from any phone • Using emergency phones: • red phones in labs • in elevator cabinets • blue phones outside • call box in hallway/stairwell (RRC)

  3. Emergency 222 Phone Stickers Existing Phones: Campus Emergency Teams deployed the stickers College-wide. New Phones: IT/Telecom has agreed to affix the stickers when issuing new phones.

  4. ACC Police Dispatch Located at ACC Service Center – staffed 24/7 Dispatch of, communication with and tracking of Officers First point of contact for any campus emergency District-wide fire alarm monitoring Liaison between city 911, Police, Fire and EMS

  5. ACC Police Dispatch

  6. Notification Systems EHS and Emergency Management are responsible for: • BRG message boards and public address speakers • School Messenger (phone, text and e-mail) Public Affairs and Marketing are responsible for: • ACC website • Media, TV, Radio

  7. BRG Emergency Notification BRG emergency message boards and PA speakers • Equipment is installed in classrooms, common areas and outside • Dispatch, EHS Exec. Director and Emergency Mgmt Coord. can send messages to one, two or all campuses • Campus Managers can send messages to their campuses • Activation via software or any phone • 16 pre-programmed messages • Text to speech conversion • On-the-fly messages/announcements

  8. BRG Emergency Notification

  9. BRG Emergency Notification

  10. School Messenger • Emergency alerts can be sent to all ACC students, faculty and staff by phone, e-mail and text message • Used only for emergencies that require immediate notification • Contact info updates from DATATEL daily

  11. Status: Mass Notification System Sign-up

  12. Will You Get the Alert? Go to the ACC main web page and select On-line Services from the list on the right hand side Provide number for phone/text emergency notification Does not change your emergency contact info Spread the word to others and challenge them to update their information

  13. Focus on Campus Emergency Teams • Two 2-hour sessions were delivered to each campus’ Emergency Team for a total of 436 people trained (2010 YTD): • Initial training – overview of roles, responsibilities and emergency procedures • Table-top exercise – walkie-talkie training plus in-depth review of roles, responsibilities and fire-emergency procedures • Equipment issued to each Emergency Team member includes: • Walkie-talkie • Vest • Whistle • Flashlight

  14. Focus on Campus Emergency Teams Recently, unplanned fire alarm activations at four campuses have tested the Emergency Teams. Debriefs conducted afterwards identify strengths and improvement opportunities.

  15. District-Wide Training Opportunities Topics Delivery Method Fire Severe weather Active shooter Bomb threat Hazardous materials incident Utility outages Staff and Faculty responsibilities in an Emergency • Computer Based • Classroom • Short Videos • EHS Website or Professional Development Website • Link e-mailed to ACC Faculty, Staff and Students • Link provided over Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  16. District-Wide Training Opportunities

  17. District-Wide Training Opportunities

  18. Looking Forward to the New Year Participating in two sessions at the Spring Professional Development Day On-going training, scenarios and drills with Campus Emergency Teams Available to speak at any Association Meeting or directly to your group Questions?