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Point of View

Point of View

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Point of View

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  1. Point of View A bird’s eye view of Sequoyah

  2. Yankee Stadium


  4. Point of View: The angle or perspective from which a story is told. It allows the reader to get inside a character’s head. Three points of view: • First person  • Second Person • Third Person

  5. First Person Point of View:  The character tells the story. Uses pronouns: I, me, mine, ours, and us “I checked into a hotel called the Olympia, which is right on the main street of town. I was hanging around and I got to talking to the guy at the desk. I asked him if this wasn’t the town where that kid named Maneri played ball.”

  6. Second Person Point of View:  Rarely used in novels. Most TV commercials use this viewpoint. Uses pronouns: you, you, yours. “You walk down 5th Avenue everyday on your way to work. Today on a whim you stop at the flower stall and buy a red carnation. The saleslady helps you pin it to your lapel. You pay her and merge back into the crowd.”

  7. Third Person Point of View:  Told from a narrator’s viewpoint. Uses pronouns: He, she, him, her, it, them, its, theirs, his, and hers Two types of third person: 1. Limited 2. Omniscient (all knowing)

  8. Limited Third Person Point of View: The narrator tells the inner thoughts and feelings of only one character. “Angela felt cold as she waited on the corner for the bus. After about ten minutes, the bus came to the corner where she stood. She got on the bus and then realized that she had no coins to put in the fare box.”

  9. Omniscient Third Person: Tells what any character in a story thinks, feels, or does at any time. Kurt was thinking about tomorrow’s costume party. He had come up with an idea of what to wear. “Kurt, are you going tomorrow?” asked Claire. She had a prize-winning idea that she would not tell anyone. She smiled to herself as she thought of the large box and blue tissue paper waiting at home.

  10. Guess the Point of View: First Person Third Person Limited Third Person Omniscient (all knowing)

  11. Rewrite the following passage in first person or in third person. Your alarm doesn’t go off on time and you jump out of bed and trip on your book bag. When you finally get to the bus stop you see the bus just turning the corner. You missed it. You start walking to school and realize your shoes don’t match. You have on one tennis shoe and one loafer.