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Point of View:

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  1. Point of View: The Mona Parson’s Text

  2. First we will start by completing some activities before reading the text. • You will answer some questions that should help you better understand the text and the situation that Mona Parsons found herself in. Before Reading

  3. Turn to page 102 of the “Fears and Phobias” text • Read the “Talk About It” question at the top of page 102. Reflect on and answer the following question: • If you’re afraid, can you still behave bravely? Provide a true example of a situation you know of recently or from the past when someone acted bravely even though they were afraid. Point of View: The Mona Parsons text

  4. Look at the bolded words in quotations “brave actions” take 15-20 mins and answer the following questions: • -What actions does a person need to perform to be remembered in history as a brave person? • -Do you think people who act bravely do so to be recognized for their actions? Point of View: The Mona Parsons text

  5. -How can we respect those who have acted bravely in the face of danger? • Think about situations you might find yourself in where you think that you would act bravely. Write down your thoughts. Point of View: The Mona Parsons text

  6. Think about what you know about WWII, and add details to the branches where appropriate. • World War II • The Nazi Canadian Involvement the resistance liberation prison camps Point of View: The Mona Parsons text

  7. Finally, scan the text. Look at the images and write down your predictions about what this text is about. Point of View: The Mona Parsons text

  8. Now that we have an understanding of some of the things that will be discussed in the text, we are now ready to read the text! • The text is a transcript of a short film. We will view the film and then read the text. During Reading

  9. Now that we’ve seen the short film and read the transcript, is the transcript a good representation of the film? During Reading

  10. Take some time now (15-20mins) and review the questions about point of view on pg. 99. Read the text independently, using the questions as a guide to identifying point of view. • What is the purpose of this text? • What is the message of this media text? • Do I agree with that message? What is my own opinion? • Whose point of view is reflected here? • Whose point of view is not reflected or missing? During Reading

  11. Now that we’ve read the text and answered questions to better understand what we have read please complete the following “After reading” or reflection questions: • -Whose point of view is this selection told from? What message does this selections send? • -Do you have enough background knowledge about World War II to understand this selection? What questions do you ask yourself as you read this text? • -Summarize the story of Mona Parsons as told in the transcript and retell it in the order it happened. After Reading

  12. -What have you learned about World War II from this selection that you didn’t know before? • -If Mona Parsons became a motivational speaker, what might her speeches be about? • -Do you think Historica Minutes are a good idea? Why or why not?

  13. Using all of the information we’ve uncovered as a group about Mona Parsons and her actions you will: • Create a Mona Parson’s Memorial • Few People are aware of Mona Parson’s bravery and sacrifice. There is no memorial to her, and her headstone in Wolfville’sWillowbank Cemetery remembers her only as “wife of…” her second husband, Major General Harry Foster. Imagine you have been asked to design a physical memorial to be placed in Ottawa for Mona Parsons. Draw the kind of memorial you would like to see, then write down an explanation about and be prepared to discuss the choices you made. Final Task