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  1. MINECRAFT By matthew

  2. The game • Minecraft is a game about mining and placing blocks. The player must mine things like wood and cobblestone. Then they craft to get to get various tools and weapons. Most players will build a shelter after finding stone. The game also features many biomes, such as mountains different forests and other areas, letting the player see a large area. The map is big, as of alpha 1.3 the size is infinite.

  3. Crafting • Minecraft lets players craft many things. First they make a wooden pickaxe. They mine stone with the wooden pickaxe. Also the player will need to create a crafting table. The crafting table lets players craft in a 3x3 grid. This must be used to make most tools weapons and all armor. the normal 2x2 grid is accessed by the inventory anytime. After that they make a stone pickaxe and a stone sword and even axes.

  4. Ore • After the player creates a stone pickaxe, they will look for ore or build a shelter. If they choose to look for ore it is probably only coal and iron ore. However some ores must be mined with a iron pickaxe, or the player will get no ore while others only need a stone pickaxe to be mined. Also it should be noted that a iron pickaxe mines ores faster than the stone pickaxe would even if you can use a stone pickaxe to get the ore.

  5. Precious ores • The player has a shelter, iron ore, pickaxes and torches. now he/she is ready to find diamonds. Diamonds are found only in the deepest stone on layers 15-1. gold and lapis lazuli are on layers 32-1.

  6. Creative • If one wants to build a big building most people will do this on creative. On creative you have infinite health and blocks. Blocks are instantly destroyed when mined. You can also fly around.

  7. Creepers • The creeper will follow the player and explode if too close, making craters and damaging the player. They are infamous as they destroy buildings.