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  1. Minecraft By Angela turner

  2. Introduction Have you ever been in a world of your creation, with your friends? Well now you are! You are now in a world of your own where you choose your own journey’s ending. This story, it’s like no other because you choose the endings and you are in charge. Good Luck! p1

  3. Your world Your name is Steve and you are in your world with your friends amylee33, iballisticsquid, livithebushbaby43, lainyxgalaxy, longbouxx and stampylongnose ( stampy or stamps for short). Stampy suggests to build a mansion for all of you but you say no and suggest going to the fun land. You see a light in the distance of the fun land and wonder what it is. Do you: C) Ignore it p5 B) Tell your friends p4 A) Follow it p3 p2

  4. Following the light You think and decide to follow the light in the distance. Stampy sees it to but he ignores it. You try to get away from them as quietly as possible. Amylee33 sees you in the distance and runs after you: A) Hide in the bushp6 B)Show yourself and explainp5 p3

  5. Telling your friends You tell your friends but they can’t see it either so they ignore you and say ,“Are you coming or not?” As they walk into the dark, mysterious woods they see Herobrines mansion. Squid, livi, stampy, lainy and longbou, run away. You and Amy are left. Do you: B) Go in and explorep8 A)Run and hide in the bushesp10 p4

  6. Ignoring the light You ignore the light and throw a pool party but you get extremely tired. You party too much and eat too much cake. The cake fills your block-shaped stomach and makes you even more tired. You go to bed and have a nice rest. A)Skip to morningp7 p5

  7. Explaining You Explain to Amylee33 and she tells you no cake for a week! You are now in a sad mood and put on a face . She does nothing but stand there. You go home to bed and are now as happy as a purring cat The End! p6

  8. The morning It is morning now and you are in a happy mood. You are eating cake for breakfast with pork chops. You go to your garden and you relax for the rest of the day! The End p7

  9. Exploring Herobrines creepy mansion Amy goes Into the mansion and you follow. All of a sudden Amy’s gone! You hear her screaming. She's dead. You try to run but Herobrine stops you and kills you with his enchanted sword. The End P8

  10. Talking to Notch You talk to Notch and he gives you diamonds. You go home and store them into your secret chest and go to bed The End! p9

  11. Hiding in the bushes You are hiding in the bushes while Amy's screaming, “STEVE!,WHERE ARE YOU?!?!” You don’t show your self though. She leaves and you come out and continue your journey. You see Notch in the distance! Do you: A) Go homep5 B)Talk to himp9 p10