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Minecraft. By: William. Table of Contents. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2:About Chapter 3: Survival Chapter 4: Setting up camp Chapter 5: New Home Chapter 6: Enter The Nether Glossary. Chapter 1: Introduction.

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  1. Minecraft By: William

  2. Table of Contents • Chapter 1: Introduction • Chapter 2:About • Chapter 3: Survival • Chapter 4: Setting up camp • Chapter 5: New Home • Chapter 6: Enter The Nether • Glossary

  3. Chapter 1: Introduction I Looked outside my window and sighed another cloudy day. oh ill just go online and play anther boring game on cool math. Oh lets try another site cool what’s Minecraft hmm ill try it. And I loved it was so much fun it was a game with cattle and mobs (monsters) and you have to survive. You get tools by mining. The best tools are gold (butter) iron then the best diamond. Ever scence I found out how to play I loved it and I bet you will to.

  4. Chapter 2: About Minecraft is a game. There are steps first is getting the game. When you download the game you have to pay 29.49 dollars. The Second step is learning about it and reading the instructions. Three is setting up the world you can do 3 modes hardcore, survival, or creative. Or you can set the biome to be a village a swamp or even in the sky. The last thing is cheats there is one thing about cheats and it is to have fun.

  5. Chapter 3: Survival Crafting is one thing that you need to do to survive if you do not craft you will get destroyed. You have to craft to get weapons you have to craft to get armor and all that other good stuff. First get some wood to build a crafting table. You will use a crafting table to make almost every item from a pickaxe to a beacon but not for living things like golems. So yeah this might be a little hard but don’t worry you’ll get it.

  6. Chapter 4: Setting up Camp After you get all these items you have to put them somewhere that is where a chest comes in. You put all your stuff in there but don’t forget about the house part. Yeah first you just have to build a temporary hiding hole. You could build a epic house later but just build a lame one first like in a cave. Oh and when you are mining keep a hidden entrance to your mine in your house so you do not have to go outside and get defeated by a monster. But the m9ne is for your real house so just be careful.

  7. Chapter 5: New Home You have to learn how to mine and you just build a pickaxe. then break the block you want to break. You also have to mine to get important item to make armor and weapons stronger. You can mine for obsidian which is the best way to build a house because it is explosion proof and creepers (a monster) Is one thing you. Make your house 2 blocks high so some enemies can not spawn in there like what is coming next. Fill your mine with torches or monsters will spawn down there. Also you have to get armor. armor is for what comes next. Here is a hint. There are stalkers they go behind boom your hit -5 HP.

  8. Chapter 6: Enter the Nether There is one other thing you need to know about the nether. In the nether it is monster mania. In the monster mania there is lava and do not place a bed and sleep in one or you will blow up that’s right bed’s in the nether are tnt also you have to know about the end to in the end there is a giant dragon called the Ender Dragon. And he has Endermen as minions they are strong so bring armor that is ether diamond or Iron. Also watch your back thy because they’ll be watching it too.

  9. this is a ender dragon and in the back round iron golems

  10. A big Minecrafthouse

  11. A Mine with BUTTER YEAH BUTTER

  12. Monsters

  13. These are tools on the ground pick them up

  14. Play survival games

  15. EPIC City

  16. Here are video’s that Sky does Minecraft made Check out them all • GO HERE PEOPLE ITS EPIC. Caution to all children SkyDoesMinecraft’s video’s do have Bad WORDS and they should not be Reproduced at all so do not watch if you would not like to hear any BAD WORDS. • Sky Does Minecraft – YouTube EPIC LIKE BUTTER

  17. Here are the names of sky’s friends • Dedlox, Mincraft universe husky mudkipperchmineysewiftantvenomsetosorcerkermit does minecraftSsundee caveman films dawnables captain sparkles Seth blingslama cow 5m aviator gaming and jerome. those are his friends they also use bad words parents strongly cautioned

  18. Glossary • Cattle – pig cow or chicken • Mobs - a monster • Herobrine – a insane evil person who wants to destroy you • Ender/End – a dangerous place • Mine – a place to get resources (BE CAREFUL )

  19. About the Author • William is a ten year old who loves Minecraft and knows a lot about it. When he isn’t an Minecraft he’s going to school playing sports and hanging with his parents. Remember he’s always thinking of new things to do On Minecraft.

  20. Credits • Images from Google images

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