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netbooks a3 paper printouts n.
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Netbooks/a3 paper /printouts !!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Netbooks/a3 paper /printouts !!!!

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Netbooks/a3 paper /printouts !!!!
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Netbooks/a3 paper /printouts !!!!

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  1. Netbooks/a3 paper /printouts !!!!

  2. Battle against drugs

  3. Research the drug control measure for your own sport. What sanctions are you likely to face should you be tested positive? Prepare your findings as a bullet-point revision sheet for the rest of the class • Look at WADA, NADO & UK Sport to see how they are involved in the battle against drugs Home learning

  4. Responsible for: • Promoting • Coordinating • Monitoring at international level the FIGHT AGAINST the use of drugs in sport 2003 – introduced a World Anti-Doping Code which provides the frameworks for anti-doping policies, rules & regulations WADA - foremost international body

  5. Eighty governments, International Olympic/Paralympic Committee & international & national anti-doping organisations signed up to the code WADA • promotes research into the detection of drugs • produces a list of banned substances • Helps national bodies to produce coordinated anti-drug policies & regimes in accordance with the code • Helps poorer nations with limited facilities to test their performers • Working to get more compliance for out-of-competition testing (no notice testing)

  6. UK Sport used to have the responsibility for anti-doping policy & strategy in the UK • NADO has now took over the testing management • Determines what sports will be required to provide information on players’ whereabouts • Athletes on the system will be agreed between NADO & the sports NGB • Performers required to provide information about their whereabouts and full schedule • Missed tests & filing failures will count as a strike (3 strikes over an 18 month period will mean an anti-doping rule violation has been committed • This will lead to a sanction of one or two years suspension

  7. What is being done to deter performers?

  8. NOT ALL countries adopt same level of rigour towards anti-doping testing programmes or in the way that offenders are punished Within the UK, performers have to submit themselves to a drug testing regime, this will include: • Notification of whereabouts to UK Sport • Drug tester turning up at anytime unannounced • Taking the samples as laid down by the NADO • Asking if performer has had any medication in last 7 days • Bar-coding the sample so that the athletes identity is not known by the lab Testing for PEDs

  9. YES NO Should PED’s be banned?

  10. June 2011 Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of all sports, in all countries, testing for performance enhancing drugs. (4 marks) Specimen paper ‘Sport performers should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs like any other training aid.’ Discuss this statement. (7 marks) EXAM QUESTIONS

  11. June 2011 • 4 marks for 4 of (sub max of 2 marks) • Advantages • Uphold the traditions of sport/sporting ethics/ cheats are caught/all competitors are equal/no country has an advantage/no performer has an advantage • Standard list of banned substances/same testing procedures/similar punishments • Random tests are more effective/ testing not limited by where the athlete is based • Shared costs between all sports • Performers not able to ‘pick and choose’ sports based on drug testing procedures/no basis for legal complaints of being unfairly treated • Disadvantages • Difficult to get all countries/sports to agree • Expensive/limited number of testing facilities/not available in all countries • Testing can produce incorrect results/inconsistent results/difficult to keep up with new drugs • Difficult to agree which PED should be included in banned lists • Professionals have the right to decide on their own development needs • Money used for testing could be used for education about dangers of drug taking

  12. Yes: sub max 4 marks • 1. Battle against drugs is expensive/time consuming • 2. Detection not effective/always behind chemists • 3. Difficult to define drug as compared to aid/supplement • 4. Sacrifices performer makes to achieve success is personal • 5. High performance leads to more spectators/sponsors/money • 6. Level playing field for all • No: sub max 4 marks • 7. Side effects are dangerous/health risks • 8. Young tempted to use them/role model effect • 9. Coaches/peer pressure may force performers to use drugs • 10. Sport is about using natural talent • 11. Drug use is outside this concept • 12. Cheating/unethical • 13. Costly • 14. Only the richer countries will be able to afford the technology, therefore uneven • playing field

  13. A2 PHED3 A 56% B 49% C 42% D 35% E 29%

  14. Sport & the law

  15. 1 – Law in relation to performers 2 – Law in relation to officials & spectators 3 – Law in relation to managers etc. Pop corn reading

  16. Elite sport & the law have become more entwined. As elite sport becomes more commercialised & more a part of the news & entertainment industry, the stakes become higher for players, officials & spectators BOSMAN RULING – the ruling by the European Court of Justice, giving a professional player the right to a free transfer at the end of their contract

  17. Therefore any transgression by individuals involved in sport are more likely to attract more attention of the police & the courts Players, team managers, match officials, agents & negotiators now need to be WELL VERSED in the law so that they know how to stay within it SPORT LAW – the body of legislation, case law, and precedence that applies to sport

  18. Determine rules • Self regulate their sport • Sport act as its own law maker, judge & jury – immune from the normal legal process BUT are having to increasingly operate within normal legal systems The law on the pitch – who is responsible, governing bodies or the state? National sport governing bodies want to hold their own right

  19. A few punches traded between opposing forwards in a game of rugby & a physical assault on a pitch that leads to a court case? And does it matter of the action occurs on a Sunday morning in front of two men and a dog or in front of 65,000 spectators & a nationwide TV audience? Where should the line be drawn?

  20. Hillsborough disaster

  21. Elite sport has a huge potential to benefit society & culture BUT that same driving ambition can lead performers & all those associated with elite sport to use methods that succeed that in accordance with the ethical & legal standards. Whose responsible for maintaining standards of behaviour?

  22. Section 3 on your A2 specification  Home learning – create a revision poster and revise for your milestone