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How to Make Papyrus Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Make Papyrus Paper

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How to Make Papyrus Paper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elbardy Papyrus is making Papyrus Paper by following ancient Egyptian technique to produce high quality paper. Find out the whole process here.

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How to Make Papyrus Paper

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How to Make Papyrus Paper

By: Elbardy Papyrus


Thousands of years ago, Egyptians invented paper from Bulrush Cyprus Plant that grows on banks of the Nile.


They were bring the reed of the plant and cut the stems into small pieces by the paper size they prefer, and remove the green crust around the white pulp then slice


Then slice the white pulp by threads of silk with great skill to get thin strips of equal thickness and length.


Putting strips into water for at least 3 days to make the strips in a soft form.

  • After the strips has its papyrus papers color, the phase of forming use to start by putting a layer of papyrus strips stacked beside each other horizontally on texture to absorb the moisture.

Tamping papyrus papers takes about 3 days changing the textures daily with dry ones to be sure that the textures of the two strips layers of papyrus paper are mixed into each other and the water is totally dry.


Elbardy Papyrus still make papyrus like ancient Egyptians were making and providing the best quality.


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