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TIPS ON HOW TO DIRECT A MUSIC VIDEO | Victoria Films PowerPoint Presentation
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TIPS ON HOW TO DIRECT A MUSIC VIDEO | Victoria Films - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Music direction as an independent filmmaker with victoria films. Music videos can be yet another option to showcase your talent and skills as an independent filmmaker. Many artists will use your videos in promoting their craft and at the same time, you get popularity for the little time you spent in music direction. Well, creating a music Video is a completely different job than shooting short films. Just to mention one aspect, very few singer are actors. You will then need to also actasa coach and not only a director.

  3. When you are in process of music direction for your first video, you will certainly get many challenges in music composition as well, which you will need to sail through. Let us have a look at some tips that help you direct your first music video flawlessly. Following some tips on how to direct music video can be quite helpful and effective:- Start with a firm idea:- In order to get recognition for your music video, you actually need to include narration, we mean to say you simply can’t create a video wherein a woman is seen walking in the field around trees or a guy is seen singing on a rooftop all through the video. Of course, no one is going to watch a 4 minutes lengthy music video if it doesn’t have music direction that offers something interesting. Then comes your pre-production: this is where you use your producer skills and make sure you get all you need before you start.

  4. During the shoot, the singer should sing and avoid just lip motion :- This is an important and common thing that you need to take care of during your music composition and direction. Many videos comprise of songs that are not originally sung by the singers and the songs do not sync with lip motion that the singer is trying to accomplish. This often happens when you miss a few music direction tips in your video and try to record the video With out an original music track. Basically, the singer should not mumble, sing full heartedly for your video and give his best to shoot the entire video.

  5. Get as many shots as possible: most music videos require a fast pace editing and you will thank yourself and your team when you sit to edit. One more tip from me: avoid fixed shots as movement suits music better than stillness. Do not ignore the ending:- When it comes to following some good music direction tips, make sure the important one is to give equal importance to the ending. Come up with a good idea of ending the video. It should include feeling, natural ending that matches the narration or a specific character you want to focus on. Persistence is the key :- Success doesn’t come overnight and this fact is applicable to your music video too. So make sure you shoot as much as possible and see what works best for you. Just remember: there are rules to respect just like in any art form and knowing them just helps you gain time.

  6. Below is the making of the music video Summer Blues for the artist Caracol I shot a few years ago. Music videoswere never edited. Another tip from me: never shoot a music video for free, it makes the artist think your work is not worth to be completed. So the same way Freud used to say the pay is part of the psychoanalysis healing process, make sure your artist pays for your work so it is properly completed. For More Stay Tuned With Victoria Films