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N.E.W. Technical Learning User Group PowerPoint Presentation
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N.E.W. Technical Learning User Group

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N.E.W. Technical Learning User Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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N.E.W. Technical Learning User Group. 2/22/05. Agenda . Introductions Ice breaker K-C’s Blended Learning Program Wrap-up Lunch. Ice Breaker. Each person introduces the person next to them and describe an outlandish volunteer job.  For example:

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N.E.W. Technical Learning User Group

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introductions
  • Ice breaker
  • K-C’s Blended Learning Program
  • Wrap-up
  • Lunch
ice breaker
Ice Breaker

Each person introduces the person next to them and describe an outlandish volunteer job. 

For example:

"This is Jim Smith from ABC Corporation.  He is part of a program that puts radio receivers on penguins in Antarctica.  During their winter it's Jim's job to send encouraging messages and play Hawaii music to help them handle the cold." 

Take 3 minutes to pair off and meet the person next to you, then come up with an outlandish job.

k c s blended learning approach

K-C’s Blended Learning Approach

Bob Hill

Tom DeNure

Carrie Bonnell

  • Videoconferencing
  • Web conferencing with Interwise
  • The Online Learning Library
  • Munch & Learn Program
  • RWD Info Pak
  • K-C Online Learning (NETg)
  • K-C’s Authorware Development Template
  • Articulate and Captivate
  • 87 room-based systems world-wide
  • Over 100 desktop video systems
  • In-house bridging capabilities
  • Centralized management
  • Video over IP and ISDN
  • Polycom features enhance learning
one plus five mode
One Plus Five Mode
  • All sites see the same layout
  • Site that is speaking appears in large window
  • Good for small numbers of people at each site
  • Helps everyone feel connected
instructor mode
Instructor Mode
  • All remote sites see only the instructor
  • Instructor sees all other sites
  • Useful for scanning the audience for understanding
  • Helpful when the audience does not need to see other participants
  • Web conferencing tool
  • Robust features for learning
    • iMeeting, iClass
    • Polling
    • Chatting
    • Application sharing
    • Quizzing and tracking
    • Breakout rooms
  • Recording capability
    • Tax initiative
online learning library
Online Learning Library
  • Multimedia collection (books, audio, video, CBTs, manuals)
  • Topics Include: Desktop, IT, Personal and Professional Development, Foreign Language
  • Web-based
    • End-User
    • Administrator
munch and learn program
Munch and Learn Program
  • 1-hour sessions consisting of demonstrations, questions, and peer suggestions
    • Focused on specific topics/tasks
  • Munch & Learn website
  • Blended Learning Approach
    • Videoconference, Interwise, CBT
    • Excel 2003 Fundamentals
rwd info pak
RWD Info Pak
  • SAP Transactional Help
  • Stay-on-Top Functionality
  • Cue Cards
    • http://mysap.kcc.com/NANP/
  • Work Instructions
    • Microsoft Office 2003
  • For POLARIS, RWD Info Pak reduced online help development time by over 50%
k c online learning netglearning
K-C Online Learning (NETgLearning)
  • Accessible from work or home, 24/7
  • Individualized Training Plans
    • Self-assigned courses and Assigned courses
      • SAP Pre-requisite Training
  • Pre- and Post-Assessments
  • Search and Select Tool
  • Download and Learn
  • K-C Online Learning Websites
    • Internal
    • External
authorware template
Authorware Template
  • GLS Development Template
  • Computer-Based Training Standards and Methodology
articulate presenter
Articulate Presenter
  • Integrates PowerPoint, Flash, audio, video and other external applications
  • K-C Professional Product Overview Training
    • Flash, Audio, Video, GLS Development Template Quizzing and Tracking
  • Simulation Examples (Development Time)
    • Excel 2003 Fundamentals
wrap up
Wrap Up

Contact information

  • Carrie Bonnell
    • Carrie.bonnell@kcc.com
  • Bob Hill
    • Robert.hill@kcc.com